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  1. hello are you live at Canada somewhere?
  2. I think we should email or chat more for get to know each other thanks
  3. hello are you real and willing to travel thanks for your time.
  4. are you real and not interest guys money?
  5. hello guys in these days is very hard to find good house boy for yourself, most of the has 2 two face, and most of them just want money nothing else period. my odd is like a 1000 houseboy only may be 2 are real good, the rest of them are not good guy.
  6. hello there I am from Canada too thanks for your time my name is Kevin
  7. hello I just wonder if there is anyone in here have relationship with the houseboy or employer, I am sure some of the houseboy are very nice and polite, and interest employer friendship not his money, because I always want to have houseboy for me to keep for life, would like spend time and money on him if he is the one, and willing walk into my life and not leave. thanks
  8. hello there I would agree with you. and I am doing the same thing as you were doing. try to get a young guy live with me and respect him treat him like he is apart of the family, but most of the young guy here from the US and I am from Canada its very hard for him go to other country for living and to work, I actually want adopt a gay young male as a my son which I never had. and so far I meet most of scammer lier and they want me pay for everything first, and I almost give up here and since I see your post I willing give it a try and see what happen. thanks for your time.
  9. hello there would you be interest come to Canada I am open or take you at the month of June of 2019. my name is Kevin. thanks
  10. please tell me how to get a true houseboy, I don't find too many houseboy from Canada mostly from US, and most of them are very cold kind of houseboy.
  11. hello there I would love have you when you willing to move to Canada my name is Kevin thanks
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