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  1. Sub HB here looking for an employer that I can visit, clean for, and satisfy twice a week. I enjoy doing things nude, even better if you group me while doing so, and spank me if I get distracted :p ooh and expect me to wear thongs and booty shorts for you
  2. Collarme


    Hey are you still looking ?
  3. The struggle when you want to be someone’s submissive twink houseboy but no one is close by I’m in Uni so I can’t relocate at the moment. Is anyone near the Chicagoland area?
  4. Oooooh tell me more Daddy, visited Scotland a month ago and loved it.
  5. You still looking for someone?
  6. Are you still looking for someone?
  7. Houseboy looking for a daddy near Chicago. I love cleaning, and I’ll love it if you force me to wear a collar, thongs, and booty shorts regularly
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