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  1. Employer searching for a cute houseboy to make mine and to live with me. Requirements you MUST meet to get interview are : MUST BE SKINNY FIT OR SLIM. Must be 18 years of age no older the 25. If interested. Let me know. Must be ok with relocating.
  2. Employer still looking for a full time houseboy. Must Relocate. Must be between the ages of 18-25 years old. Must be skinny fit or slim. Reply if interested in the position
  3. Nope. Are you skinny fit slim
  4. Hello there twink itznano. I’m an employer looking for a twink houseboy. Let me know if ur interested. Send me a message. I’m EmployerR on here. Talk to you soon I hope
  5. Employer looking for a houseboy for a permanent position in Ga. Must be skinny fit slim. Must be 19-25 years old. Permanent position available. Will discuss everything.If not in Ga , you must be willing to relocate. Need a houseboy by end of June
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