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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Papabear. What a shame! Unfortunately, there seem to be more scammers on here than legitimate houseboys. Also, watch out for bengro112112. Says you have to ask his "Master" to release him to you. Scammer! The "Master" wants $10K to sell him (for "training fees") . It's laughable as he states that his "Master" is willing to release him because the master reconciled with his wife and kids and is moving back to Canada to be with them. LOL!! His story unraveled rapidly when you make it clear that you won't "buy" him.
  2. Thank you. I will avoid that one.
  3. I find DavidXXX (22 from NY.) interesting since the only photo in his profile is of a European porn star who, obviously, has not aged since his porn days 20 years ago.
  4. Thank you so much I will keep you informed on future scammer finds. Also, Muscledhelper is FitOutdoorsboy. He just changed his name. This kid is a professional scammer. We should start a website to identify these guys!!
  5. Yup! Same scam! When I try to report him, he had blocked me so I couldn't. Thanks for the backup.
  6. I am an easy-to-get-along-with daddy. Loving, loyal, romantic, educated seeks cute, slim, smart partner with good sense of humor, good work ethics and who can follow direction to the letter. You would have an opportunity for higher education as well as a say on where you want to live, where to travel, etc. Mutual respect is important. It's great here, Want to share with the right young man.
  7. FitOutdoorsBoy is a con artist and scammer. I really don't mind helping someone who really needs help but this guy is a scammer who is conning gay men out of their money. HE is NOT looking for a HB position. He uses the "Block" to prevent you from reporting his profile. His profile said that he lived in N.J. but he stated that he was in Va. when he texted me and the call came up as being from Pa. He is a scumbag who targets older gay men. Please spread the word and report him if he contacts you. Let's get people like him off of our sites so that we don't have to worry about being hurt financially or physically.
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