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  1. Thanks for the tip. You could make a new post in this forum. Hopefully you reported him on the main site.
  2. Added note: What I do which is the same thing the website does to verify. Have him write his name (whether it’s his actual name or not who knows) and the date on a piece of paper, hold it near his face and take a selfie. That won’t prove he won’t try to get money out of you but will verify what he actually looks like. If they can’t do that then I’m done and move on.
  3. The camera broken excuse is always a sure sign that they are up to no good. Thanks for the tip and good luck.
  4. This really sucks. I have no problem logging on. Just I can’t find my profile. I have blocked a few profiles over a period of time but none recently I can recall. I saw your message and could click on your profile from the message screen. I did not do a search for your profile though. Guess I’ll try contacting the web master. You’d think he or someone from the website would see these messages here and respond. If I was booted off the site for some unknown reason you’d think I could even log on with my original log in info.
  5. Well now it appears I no longer have a profile. Just did a search by profile name for myself, nothing! So did a search of employers “recently logged in”, nothing. If you guys are up to it type in my name for a search and see if I’ve still got a profile. If not I’m throwing in the towel with this website. Cheers
  6. Heck I don’t even know if I still have a profile on here. I just scrolled through the search list out to over a thousand miles from me and haven’t viewed my profile yet. If it’s gone then likely so am I. Best a luck fellas.
  7. Yeah, a sign for me as well. Like you said every time in the past after logging on my profile is the first one in the group. I don’t even see mine even close by now. So who knows. I think there’s been a major glitch and they are unable to fix it for whatever reason(s).
  8. Same issue here. Also when I initially went to the website this morning and prior to logging in I noticed there are no members listed in the “most viewed houseboy” or “most viewed employer” sections. After logging in, as usual, I’ll view those who have viewed my profile as well as view in messages. When I clicked on to see who has viewed my profile, which typically takes for ever to load, the list was empty. Tried a few times with same results. Obviously there’s a big issue going on with the website.
  9. Just a few days ago this repeat offender, con man, liar, scammer was YourDreamBoy, as reported here. He changes profile name quite frequently. Numerous times over the past many months. I can’t report him because he blocks my profile as soon as he creates his newest profile. So I simply just out him here.
  10. fosterpeople93 has changed his name now to kyfoster. Same loser con man. Saddest hard luck stories you’ll ever hear. Just to con you in to sending him money so he can “drive to you”. NOT! This guy has been around a long time switching profile names, pics and physical stats and general locations. Typically he will use NC, SC and Georgia for locations. Supposedly drives for Uber snd Lyft. Lives in his car. Needs money for phone, car repairs, new tires, a room for the night, etc. And of course money to drive to you. NOT! He’s been around so long and hit up so many men that he forgets and will be a repeat without remembering he’s already tried to f...k you outta money. Wanted to text. I said fine. Turns out his number had already been saved in my phone contacts from two years ago. What a dumbass.
  11. Yep, Masc4Mentor was just a few days ago going by YourDreamBoy. And numerous profile names before that. A notorious well known con artist, scammer. I’ve no familiarity with Jsmith.
  12. His profile had only three “ newest” profiles between his and Jason4u’s profile. Both almost identical profiles, same exact distances. Only real differences between the two is photo. Think what you want but they were both made by same individual and that only spells one thing, scammer!
  13. YourDreamBoy is just the newest profile name of one of the most notorious scammers this site has had the displeasure of having to put up with. He gets busted weekly so just changes his profile name and pops up anew. Seldom ever ever changes his photo or his profile read. Will come on strong but will never give you specifics or video chat. His locations change constantly. The only thing he is interested in is you falling for his sad sack story and sending him money so he “can come to you”. Which he never will. He’s slick. You’ve been warned.
  14. fosterpeople93 is a repeat pain in the ass fake profile scammer. Connected with him two years ago here. Since then his height has changed several inches and his cock grew another 1.5”. Amazing huh! He’s the type that immediately gives you his hard luck story, phone is going to be cut off, living in his car with two ruined flat tires and no money. The place he was born and raised has changed, etc. Steer clear of this huge waste of time.
  15. Buck52


    Collard and naked 24/7 I’m down for. PM me on the home site.
  16. Three newest houseboys all three legit scammers, fake profiles. Stay clear. You’ve been warned. The last one, YourDreamBoy, crestes a new profile more often than I change underwear. He’s been reported here using numerous different profile names after each time he gets called out for what he is, a low life dirt bag. He’s smart, soon as he creates a new profile he blocks me to keep from reporting him. Anyway, stay safe, stay healthy everyone.
  17. Thanks for the red flag tip here DJHJD.
  18. Contact me. I’m on the main website. You are not, you have no profile set up there. Set up a profile (free) then pm me there on my profile. Look forward to see if we can make this work. I could use a boy like you.
  19. Caution: It’s noted in the heading of this forum that neither real names nor email addresses are allowed here in the forum. No I’m not the forum police but you do risk getting banned from the forum for doing so. Just trying to save you the headache. Good luck to all.
  20. As of this morning 9/21//2020 this same douche-bad a...hole is still here with a new profile “LookinSoon”. Please dont waste your time with him because his ONLY interest is not in being someone’s houseboy but instead to screw you outta every dollar he can. A total lying, con-artist, scamming piece of dog excrement! No he’s never conned me because he knows better than to waste his time and allow me to report him through the main web site protocol. So he conveniently goes through his list of us who spit him immediately and blocks us all so we then can’t report him. He’s not stupid, he’s sly. And will always feed you a hard luck story to convince you to send him $. I assure you you’ll regret it if you do. He’s a professional. Good luck to you all. There ARE lots of good and honest houseboys and employers on the website. Just use your good common sense and always go with your gut feeling. Stay vigilant, stay safe. Peace to you all.
  21. Yes he’s still here, just a new profile name which he does every couple of days. See posts below for prior profile names he’s used. Steer clear, don’t waste your time. He’s only interested in ONE thing, your $ ! Best of luck to everyone. Stay safe, stay vigilant. There ARE lots of real, serious and good potential houseboys AND employers on this website. Just use your good common sense and go with your gut feeling when dealing with any of them. P.S. A big thank you to those of you who have reported this scumbag here in the forums as well as other a...holes. Keep in mind everyone, that’s one of the topics this website suggests be done on this particular forum. So keep it up. It’s not gonna fix the problem but will curtail the repeat abusers of this website.
  22. This guy has been around here trying to pull scams a long time. Always with the hard luck scenario scam. He’s been reported so often by me he auto blocks me, and others, as soon as he makes a new profile. A real scum bag. Don’t every send this guy money unless you don’t need it. Thanks for posting this here ragtown!
  23. I neglected to remind everyone of the “2nd” post in this forum and what it says, which includes the part that clearly states ....”do not post email addresses” here in the forum.
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