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  1. I have to agree. Yet some of these young men seem to think that it’s no big deal. I myself deal with the daily nagging thought of “am I going to catch this virus and if I do is it going to kill me”. This shit is serious. At least for me it is. The risk is just too great for me to attempt to enter act with another after arriving here and not knowing their status. And I don’t have a “mother-in-law house” they could quarantine in for 14 days either. So that pretty much shuts down any possibilities for the near future. Besides, the lag time does offer plenty of time to get well acquainted before any meet takes place. It’s not worth the risk of catching/spreading this virus.
  2. For what it’s worth to all those potential employers out there searching for a damn good boy, this boy I feel would be tough to pass up. If not for the facts of the border closures as well as the difficulty getting a boy a long term visa these days, I’d likely already have this boy here with me in Texas. We have exchanged numerous messages and photos and I can assure you he is the real deal fellas. This boy is a hidden gem. Best of luck to you Ele21!
  3. You’re a fine looking young boy that I’m sure would make a great houseboy/companion but sadly I’m in rural south central Texas. Best of luck in your search boy.
  4. It takes a real man to admit when he is wrong and I was wrong about LondonJack here. I had confused him with another boy from the UK I’d communicated with s few months ago. I have no honest reason yet to believe this young man isn’t what he claims to be. And honestly he seems like just the type of houseboy I wish I could land here. Best of luck to you and all the rest out there searching for that match.
  5. Took that screenshot of his profile about an hour ago. I believe the green dot indicates he’s online.
  6. I think he is still lurking around here. Told me he had a profile set up several years ago but hadn’t been back on in years. I did view his profile and he listed his age in the “about me” section and it was about five years difference from the age the site lists in profile header. My first email to him failed to send, big red flag. Told him so here and he then emailed me successfully. I use proton mail because I believe it has a high level of security. That and I only use my iPhone for any messaging including email. So hope I dodged the bullet. As to guys messaging on the forum without a profile on the main forum I’m not sure how that works but have run across several people in the forum that apparently don’t have a profile on the main home site. I’m curious how that works.
  7. I’m pleased you reached out to me Henrik. I intend to email you but be aware that real names and email addresses are not allowed on this forum, just so you know. It would benefit you much more to set up a free profile along with s few good photos on the main website. You will get a lot more viewers and interest. This is but a forum here with not much traffic. Anyway, I’ll message you and we will see how it goes. Thanks and good luck.
  8. Thanks Grampyc for the heads up. I’m fairly certain he’s back on under another name now. He blocked me too after I started digging a bit once I had a notion he might be a scam artist. He is slick. If you can post this same notice on the “Houseboy” forum instead of this one. Again thanks and good luck.
  9. I’d definitely be open to getting better acquainted but I too live in a rural area of south central Texas. You’re more than welcome to private message me through my profile on the main website. I think you should set up a free profile on the main website in order to get a lot more attention than just the forum here. Best of luck to you.
  10. If possible at least put up a notice here alerting as many who will read it.
  11. Yes I’d forgotten about him. He hit me up about a month ago. He was very slick. One of those too good to be true situations so I started digging a bit with my line of questioning. He got wise to me and blocked me before I could report him.
  12. Three new scam artists with fake profiles houseboys.Steer clear, don’t waste your time. 1. HonestMentor 2. Pukky021 3. blowngerick If you wish details then pm me on the main website and I can email you what I discovered. Dont let a few rotten apples spoil the barrel. Good luck to you all.
  13. Free members get five free messages per day. You can upgrade either by paying for an upgrade or click on “upgrade” in your “account” and read how to get a free upgrade. Best of luck.
  14. Single masculine Dad type on a serious search for a live in boy to be my housemate, companion, friend, housekeeper, cook and sexual partner. Rural but not isolated. Safe, secure, healthy, drama free, easy living environment. For more info check out my profile on the main website. Serious inquires only please. Jsyk I’m pretty damn good at vetting fakes and scammers.
  15. Hey Paulwill, sorry to learn that. Were you able to report him before he blocked you?
  16. HAHAHAHA, man thats a good one. You know, I swear there’s a scammer’s guide book these scum bags use because they all pretty much read the same, word for word. Sad fact of the matter is trying to get the folks who run this website to kick the scum to the curb instead of allowing them to continue their destructive behavior here on the website.
  17. Those are screen shots of his original profile before he modified it to match the fake pics he started using he found on the internet.
  18. 4playmikey is one of the new members here but is a total sham, fake, time waster. Had the “dis”pleasure of wasting time with this guy who came across ver appealing and convincing at first. All seemed to be progressing well with texting and a phone call in efforts to get better acquainted. That’s until he decided to share a few photos, same ones he has in his profile. Well they aren’t his. That’s the reason why he states in his profile NOT to ask for any more photos. Because he can’t find anymore off the internet that look like the same guy. The second big eye opener is that from his original profile to his newly revised profile he has gone from 19 to 18 years old. His dick has grown from a cut, average, 6” to an uncut, thick, 8.5”(Will miracles never cease huh). He’s switched from versatile to a versatile bottom which is no big deal. Oh and one more thing I suppose he overlooked. His original profile stated NO piercings or tattoos. His revised one has one piercing. Oops, he didn’t spot the nipple piercing in the stolen, fake photo he started using. Oh well, young-n-dumb. He has an iPhone but will use one of those messaging apps to text you. Has at least two email accounts he used to email initially. Claims he just graduated high school and was on the swim team. Parents supposedly kicked him out when he was 14-15 after coming out gay. Says lives with an aunt in Santa Clairita, CA. Goes by the name Mike Harlow. Save yourself the time and trouble. Unable to report him due to him blocking me unexpectedly. I’m sure it was because he saw I had visited his profile after he had so ridiculously modified it. I was blocked within an hour after I’d visited it. Of course he unexpectedly block my phone number as well. So I hope the website moderator will view this and unplug one more bad apple from our website here. Good luck to everyone. Stay safe.
  19. House boys take note. This is service at its best.
  20. I just did a search for your profile on the main site and found none. I politely suggest you set up a profile so that you might be discovered and offered a position with a suitable employer. This is just a forum. No email addresses, phone numbers or other contact info is allowed on this public forum. That can be done on the main site after you set up a profile. I’d like for you to contact me there if you’re interested. Helpful tip, “verify” your profile after you’ve made one. Just go to your “my account” and find verify profile. Simple, quick and free. Plus you get 25 free messages a day instead of just 5. Good luck.
  21. Buck52

    COVID-19 Blues

    Same here my friend. I really want and need some help around here and definitely can use some friendly companionship. Sex would be icing on top. But like you I’m a senior, 67, so have been isolating couple weeks now. If I had a way to safely isolate a young recruit here for a couple of weeks I’d do it. But the risk of the unknown is too great for me to chance it. Had preplanned for a great potential houseboy to come for a short meet and greet stay for three days last Thursday until this Chinese virus shit hit the fan. Everything is on hold now. Feel worse for the young man who was coming. He really was in need of a safe and dependable living environment. Such is life. I’m convinced if we ALL practice what the officials keep telling us then the sooner this disaster will end and we can start putting the pieces back together. Good luck everyone.
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