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Found 2 results

  1. So an older guy contacted me claiming he was 'looking for a new home' for his housboy, Ken. Pics duly arrived, Ken looked all too good to be true. Reasonably communicative, but started to slip up. I'm British and so he claimed he knew how to make 'fish and chips' (nobody makes these - we always get them as take out) and 'cucumber sandwiches'. Really ? Nobody eats these either, they're a relic of Edwardian afternoon tea. If I was making a proper, British, afternoon tea I might do some but it would really be as something to laugh about. That all set the alarm bells ringing but... ...the absolute stand out was when I suggested we chatted / video called over WhatsApp or similar. He claimed to only have a Nokia phone with buttons despite the fact one of the pictures he'd sent was of him in front of a mirror using an iPhone to take the picture. Of course, I challenged him on this and got crap in reply. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining honey...
  2. I am a HB here looking for an employer or more. I started chatting with Purchenko since July 4th. We emailed to each other everyday within almost 20days and finally I found out he’s a fraud!!! Here are the reasons. 1. Inconsistency, At first he said he has 2 homes which you also can find in his profile one in Tampa FL and one in NW DC. A while after, he said he has 3; At first, he said he owns a finance company and look for a type of personal assistant but just last night, he told me he’s an US diplomat at the same time . 2. Language issues, Even though he told me he was born in Ukraine and immigrated to the US with his family when he was a child, he has a thick and kinda weird accent when he’s talking to me via VOIP phone which is well known as a favorite tool of scammers. Besides that his writing skill is kinda raw which I’ll attached some pix of emails he sent me. 3. Logic issues, As I said we emailed a couple of times and he said he’s falling for me. This is strange bc we’ve never met in person nor FaceTime and he said he’s falling for me just via several emails. He said I have to move to east coast living with him. I said I have no problem of doing that but FaceTime and meet in person are the prerequisite before I decide to relocate which you also can find in my profile. So we agreed that he fly to LA to meet me first in August as our first date. The reason we set in August is bc he said he’s in Portugal now since he just opened a new office there. And he planned to return to the US last Saturday July 18th but the flight was fully booked so he has to call the US embassy to sign up for charter this Saturday July 25th and it has been confirmed. He’s so excited to come back to DC and go through 2 weeks quarantine and come to LA in August 10th. The reason that he has come back to DC is bc the new cases are so high in FL nowadays which is reasonable. However, I began to doubt about it bc there’s no direct flight from Porto Portugal to DC the US at all as he said he wants direct flights. BTW as I said we emailed each other almost every day since July 4th, but he didn’t reply my email the day of July 18th. He has then explained he got food poisoning in Portugal and went to hospital so didn’t check emails in his computer that day. If you wonder why can’t you FaceTime each other during this time, I also asked him this question and he said bc he uses a burner phone in Europe with a Portuguese SIM card. When he returns to DC, he got his US phone and card, we will FaceTime or WhatsApp. I proposed we could use Zoom as zoom can be either installed on the phone or laptop so I created a link and sent him. He said he doesn’t know about zoom and he tried the link I sent him but it seems he has to pay membership. It’s a paid app. So that’s why he proposed to call me via VIOP to pacify me as I begin to think he’s suspicious. But come on, everyone knows that zoom is a free meeting app. During this pandemic almost every Americans they take classes or work at home by using zoom. And especially in the business world as zoom was originally invented for business meeting. So last night, he thought a way to get rid of my situation which is to tell me that he’s a US diplomat and be deployed in Portugal and he wants to end his diplomat status and focuses on his business. However, he has to fulfill his final duty which is going back to Portugal in September to October. This time the US government gives him vacation to return to US so he can come back to DC and meet me in LA. But he has to go back to Portugal again in September to finish his final duty and he wants me to go with him. I said I cannot bc I am not US citizen and once I get out of US at this time, I won’t be able to come back since the boarder restrictions. He said he can call the US embassy to give me a diplomatic passport within one month visa. I have to give him the copy of my personal information page from my personal passport. When it comes to here, of course I said no. I cannot do this to a person I’ve never met either via internet or in person. He’s then getting furious and yelled at me that I don’t love him. He wants to end this relationship. And that’s my story. I believe you will have the same feeling as mine that this guy is a scammer. Please be aware of him. I’ll attach some pix to show everyone that what I said is true.
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