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  1. Thank you Buck52. I also think as it’s approaching July 25th which he has to “come back” to DC and has his US phone to FaceTime me, he cannot act anymore. He really needs to end this fake drama with me now. I just feel so sad that I spent almost 20days to chat with a scammer and kinda regret about it!
  2. I have so many pix that are too large to upload!!!!!
  3. I am a HB here looking for an employer or more. I started chatting with Purchenko since July 4th. We emailed to each other everyday within almost 20days and finally I found out he’s a fraud!!! Here are the reasons. 1. Inconsistency, At first he said he has 2 homes which you also can find in his profile one in Tampa FL and one in NW DC. A while after, he said he has 3; At first, he said he owns a finance company and look for a type of personal assistant but just last night, he told me he’s an US diplomat at the same time . 2. Language issues, Even though he told me he
  4. Hi there, Hope you are still looking for HB and see if we match to each other. I am a college student living in LA
  5. Hey World, I know that I may not popular comparing to those White boys, but I do believe that there are lots of employers or daddies that are into HOT Asian boys. If you are one of those, come in I am here looking for employers who can accommodate me and give me weekly allowance. In return, I will take care of the family's cleaning , cooking and other errands. More than that I am also open to LTR or companionship. Face is important but a big heart is crucial too. I am a college student here in LA so ideally you are based in LA or anywhere in southern Cali. Relocating is a big
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