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  1. Buck52

    Any job?

    I’d bet money in it.
  2. Pure_energy thank you for the info. I must admit I’m a bit envious as to how you are able to find that sort of information on an individual here. Admittedly I am definitely not very computer nor internet savvy. So would you mind sharing a few of your tips on how to find out one’s photos are bogus? All tips greatly appreciated.
  3. Buck52

    Any job?

    Dear Jon, If you’re serious about finding a job then set yourself up a profile on the home site. That’s where all the action is. Not here in the forum. Good luck.
  4. Dad49 I don’t blame you one bit and I’ll do the same if I’m fortunate enough to find a good one here. I won’t be sharing that info with someone that might sweep him away from me that’s for damn sure.
  5. The scammers get attention because we employers like getting the word out to stop those scum bags from f...ng over other employers. The good houseboys are out there. We know that. We aren’t here to promote any particular one of them we are here to privately work out a mutually agreeable arrangement with one of them.
  6. Correction: Daviels is supposedly in Ontario, Canada. With no passport.
  7. I’ve included both valet and companion along with housekeeper in a multiple name group instead of using houseboy.
  8. LOL! Hahaha, what s great response! A gay peace keeping army mission in Syria.
  9. No I don’t think you are at all. You’re using good common sense reasoning and being cautious is my opinion. I have to agree, I’m always wondering why those questions can’t be answered. Another big yellow caution flag for me is the people who leave blank two of the more important segments of their profile, the “Personal Description” and the “Expect from a Houseboy/Employer” sections. Or those who simply put just a handful of words in. As I see it that just tells me they either aren’t that serious, are too damn lazy, too ignorant, don’t give a damn really, are fake/scammers, or they are just living a fantasy, etc. Also when they leave blank the “turn-on/turn-off” section. I mean wtf? How difficult is that to fill out?
  10. My apology for getting confused here. I’ve gotten so many of these scum bag scammers hitting me up it’s got my head spinning trying to keep up with them. Just posted here in the form with two brand new fakes that have just appeared as newbies on the site. Use caution fellas and go with your guy instincts. It’s a battle out there but we can persevere. There are good boys out there wanting and needing a place. Best of luck to everyone.
  11. This guy has made headlines here several times. I dealt with him as well. Even gambled and helped him with gas, food phone bill and even a one night stay in a hotel just so he could bathe and sleep in a bed because he supposedly was living in his car and driving for Uber. The guy is a hopeless mess. Had a great opportunity with me and blew it. Don’t waste your time with him.
  12. Correction: Daviels lists Ontario, Canada as home.
  13. Compiled list of recent scammers: First group are all the same guy/person. Johnconner93, maxdyer23, maxdyer24, MuscleMascGuy, Superhung97 Devinbrn5010 bttmboi Daviels Ksweet Do everyone a favor and post known scammers in the forum. Good luck to everyone in their searching. Watch for more to come.
  14. Another one of the “master” rehoming his “trained boy” for a fee, bs scams! Steer clear fellas so you don’t waste your time like I did. Goes by the name David Daniels. Claims Ontario, Canada is home. Three years training. No passport. No drivers license. How convenient. Lives with master but said I have to email his master to get the “terms” and gives me an email address to email him asking for “the terms”. I told him to simply write down my email address (we were emailing back and forth) and hand it to his master. Oh no, he couldn’t do that because it would upset him and better if I emailed him. That’s when I really laughed out loud. Anyway fellas you’ve been warned. Good luck hunting, everyone.
  15. Another lowlife wannabe scammer using the old worn out script that he/she/it is in the USA military currently deployed in Syria even though he lists West Palm Beach, FL as his home. Is returning to the states soon and wants to email. NOT! Steer clear fellas!
  16. Here’s another of the “Rehommers” to watch out for; Daviels, aka David Daniels. Newer profile shows him with a Colorado address but he’s been living with his master for 16 months in Florida. Oops! Just one of numerous red flags.
  17. Add: Daviels to the resident scammer list. Trained boy looking to be rehomed by his master. Says he’s been 16 months with master in Florida but his fairly new profile lists him in Colorado. Oops! That’s just one of the many red flags. I played along until he showed his hand with the old, you’ll have to email my master to get the terms of my relocating. NOT!
  18. Buck52


    Add: Daviels trained boy to be rehomed by master bull shit.
  19. Look out for “Daviels” aka David Daniels. Another “boy” wanting to be “rehomed” by his “master” after 16 months of “training”. Has several of the typical red flags not only in his profile but in conversations as well. I played his game long enough for him to bring up his master and rehoming, with a catch of course. Don’t waste your time with this guy like I did. Poor use of our language, etc as an early warning, along with lots more. Good luck to everyone just trying to do the right thing and find what you’re searching for.
  20. Correction: his profile name is bttmboi .
  21. Meeting or even exceeding each other’s personal wants, needs and desires, as best one can, I believe should be the true goal in a houseboy/employer relationship. That of course would typically include “taking care of” the houseboy as he would/should be taking care of his employer, however that is mutually agreed upon. Simply meeting each other’s wants and needs is my personal goal with a houseboy.
  22. Added note: He’s obviously not too bright either by putting up two new profiles back to back and using same location of Abbeville, MS 38601, one as a 22 year old and the other a 26 year old. Stay clear guys!
  23. Stay clear of both those profiles, appeared back to back under “new profiles” search for houseboys. Same locations, way different physical stats as heights/weights, similar/matching profile info. This guy(?) has been around before under several different profile names, JohnConner for one. Don’t waste your time with this guy, he’s a total farce! Good luck fellas, there’s a good houseboy out there for all of us. We just gotta keep on searching for him.
  24. All true so the sooner can verify, as best one can, through photo verification similar to the way they do it here or live cam chat. Refusing either one ends it for me if I’m seriously considering a likely candidate to be my live in houseboy. Yet even verification doesn’t mean they won’t sometimes try to get you to send money for whatever reason. Stay vigil yet positive. I think that there is the right houseboy out there for each of us.
  25. This guy is so fake, a big time scammer. He’s not too bright either with putting up two new profiles back to back here with two different heights, weights, etc. and both with same location in MS. Steer clear fellas with this totally obvious con artist! Superhung97 MuscleMascGuy
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