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  1. There are a vast number of profiles on here of people who only want the fantasy and have no real intention of following through. Like commented earlier they get off to the anonymity and the fantasy. I call them fantasy boys. I’ve not had that particular issue that you have described except for ones who have blocked me.
  2. I’m sure it was interesting.
  3. ones like this crack me up they are so obvious. First red flag, his address is Flushing, NY, the default address when one isn’t entered. The laughable red flag are his stats, 5’ tall, 320 pounds, average. Compared to his profile photo? Lol! Then to top it off four of his answers to profile questions states “I like this app”. And he’s had a profile a good while. Long enough to correct if there were errors. Just another fake!
  4. Buck52

    JSmith FAKE

    That’s one of the BIG RED FLAGS, excuses as to why they cannot either video call or send a verified photo. Close your door immediately to scum like that.
  5. Timjohn777 is a pure fake operating out of the far East and not Florida, per his email time stamps. Immediately wants phone number after a couple emails so can text because “I don’t have strength texting long emails”! Lol! The excuses don’t get much dumber than that. He has your typical non American raised poor grammar skills. This type scammer is only mining information in order to hack you. Stay clear of this scum bag. Another one bites the dust!
  6. Simply to get the word out in hopes he doesn’t f..k someone else over. Is that too hard to understand? Some men will not stand around and do nothing. I’m one of those. And no he has never gotten anything over on me. And yes there are a lot of fakes, liars, scammers, fantasy players, etc on sites like this. Getting the word out on them may not get rid of them but if it helps one person avoid a pitfall then to me it’s worth it.
  7. Buck52

    JSmith FAKE

    Appreciate the warning. Hope he didn’t screw you over.
  8. johncry you have a serious issue in regards to other individuals privacy. Very disrespectful, in my eyes, as to what you’ve carelessly done on this forum. You’re a HUGE Red Flag!
  9. I agree 100% with yngdom4sub. You should know better than to post what you have posted here. Very disrespectful!
  10. I could care less who he really is or where he is. I’d have nothing to do with him. He’s a scumbag, a liar and a con artist. He’s still around just with a different profile name again. Beware
  11. He’s the same low life thug scammer that’s been floating around here for months. He blocks me immediately after creating a new profile before I ever even view his newest profile so I can’t report him.
  12. From my point of view it all seems to be normal again. Thanks Michael. Had me concerned.
  13. Thanks for the tip. You could make a new post in this forum. Hopefully you reported him on the main site.
  14. Added note: What I do which is the same thing the website does to verify. Have him write his name (whether it’s his actual name or not who knows) and the date on a piece of paper, hold it near his face and take a selfie. That won’t prove he won’t try to get money out of you but will verify what he actually looks like. If they can’t do that then I’m done and move on.
  15. The camera broken excuse is always a sure sign that they are up to no good. Thanks for the tip and good luck.
  16. This really sucks. I have no problem logging on. Just I can’t find my profile. I have blocked a few profiles over a period of time but none recently I can recall. I saw your message and could click on your profile from the message screen. I did not do a search for your profile though. Guess I’ll try contacting the web master. You’d think he or someone from the website would see these messages here and respond. If I was booted off the site for some unknown reason you’d think I could even log on with my original log in info.
  17. Well now it appears I no longer have a profile. Just did a search by profile name for myself, nothing! So did a search of employers “recently logged in”, nothing. If you guys are up to it type in my name for a search and see if I’ve still got a profile. If not I’m throwing in the towel with this website. Cheers
  18. Heck I don’t even know if I still have a profile on here. I just scrolled through the search list out to over a thousand miles from me and haven’t viewed my profile yet. If it’s gone then likely so am I. Best a luck fellas.
  19. Yeah, a sign for me as well. Like you said every time in the past after logging on my profile is the first one in the group. I don’t even see mine even close by now. So who knows. I think there’s been a major glitch and they are unable to fix it for whatever reason(s).
  20. Same issue here. Also when I initially went to the website this morning and prior to logging in I noticed there are no members listed in the “most viewed houseboy” or “most viewed employer” sections. After logging in, as usual, I’ll view those who have viewed my profile as well as view in messages. When I clicked on to see who has viewed my profile, which typically takes for ever to load, the list was empty. Tried a few times with same results. Obviously there’s a big issue going on with the website.
  21. Just a few days ago this repeat offender, con man, liar, scammer was YourDreamBoy, as reported here. He changes profile name quite frequently. Numerous times over the past many months. I can’t report him because he blocks my profile as soon as he creates his newest profile. So I simply just out him here.
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