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  1. Do you typically run a background check on a boy before inviting him into your home? If so, what company do you use?
  2. UPDATE: Last night he emailed me saying that he had been messaging me on Skype and thought I was not responding to him. Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't but I'm posting this update to make sure anyone reading this has all the relevant facts.
  3. New profile and new email address but sent me the exact same (word for word) messages and (fake) picture as Duanne who's profile was recently deleted.
  4. After exchanging messages here and by email for a while we agreed on a time for a Skype video chat. He did not login/answer the video call. I reached out here, by email and by Skype message and gave him several days to explain what had happened but received no response.
  5. In all honesty I'm beginning to wonder if anyone on this site actually wants to be a houseboy. I've exchanged messages with a significant number of boys and every single one of them has turned out to be a scammer or a fake
  6. They aren't. He has stopped responding
  7. I reported all of them via the site. Hopefully that is an indication that someone is actually acting on the reports
  8. Thanks for letting me know. It will be interesting to see what he says. As far as the virgin thing goes I brought that up in my conversations with him and his explanation was that part of his motivation for wanting to be a houseboy was the desire to have an older/more experienced man teach him how to please them. In response to this I reminded him that I would expect him to be willing and able to bottom on a regular basis and recommended that he spend some quality time with a dildo before agreeing to anything. Here are my thoughts: I know he is a real person who looks like his pictur
  9. Nieto and Tommyroland seemed to have no problem communicating here or by email but as soon as I asked for a video chat they started coming up with excuses as to why that was impossible and, ultimately, told me I had to email their masters and arrange to purchase them. Dbbtp claimed to need to rehome his houseboy on account of moving to a smaller home. Before I had even spoken directly to the boy he asked me to pay him $4,000 for 'relocation expenses'. I told him that if the boy and I reached an agreement I would arrange his relocation and pay the airline and, if necessary, packing and
  10. It has not. He maintains that he isn't able to view my profile either and says he doesn't know why.
  11. Thanks to Buck52 and GreatHomeForYou for the advice. So far this is one of the few boys I've spoken to here who I wasn't able to quickly identify as a fake and/or scammer and I haven't encountered any of the red flags you mentioned. As of the last time I spoke to this boy he said he wanted to meet in a little over a month. I will report back as to whether that actually happens.
  12. If you don't mind my asking what lead you to that conclusion?
  13. DJ4Fun If it is a scam I'm trying to figure out what the scam is since he hasn't asked me for anything.
  14. I have been talking to a boy on here (and later via email and Skype) and things seem to be going well. I think he is real (we have had a video chat) and he hasn't asked me to send money or done anything else that would make me think he's a scammer. However, last night I went to check something in our message history and discovered I could now longer access our message history or view his profile. At first I figured he had changed his mind and blocked me but he texted me this morning and we continued our conversation about planning to meet after we both get our covid vaccines. I asked if he had
  15. Zillah

    JSmith FAKE

    Can confirm he is almost certainly a fake. Claims to be in Oklahoma (his profile says New York) but email timestamps would indicate he is actually in Europe or West Africa. I asked to have a video chat but he claims not to have access to any means of communication other than email.
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