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  1. All the ones from Flushings NY are Scammers. To prove it I live in South Jersey & have told them All that I can drive up the 2 hours in my Truck to pick them up along with their stuff , after which they then never contact me again cause they want money to relocate to me.
  2. Yup he tried that on me also just this morning 3/8/19. I gave him Nothing. Then their are the Ads from Flushing NYC, there are several posts from there all say they need travel money. After I told them I lived in South Jersey only 3 hours away & I would come up there to pick them up in my truck to get them & all their stuff. They stop chatting with me, Blocking me. I reported several to Houseboy & nothing was done about it. Add Muscledhelper to the SCAMMER's LIST
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