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  1. Just a heads up. The new houseboy Marcel wouldn't give me his full name & birth date or show me a birth certificate to prove if he was real or not. The scammer went quick to cellphone texts along with he is currently leaving his boyfriend he lives with now cause he flirts with other guys. He still hasn't produced any facts if he is real.
  2. The names Johnbreslaws & John2 are both scammers. If you read their profile/bio fully & carefully they are about 95 to 100% the same. Just using 2 different pictures & locations. I texted with Johnbreslaws@gmail.com and he is not honest & for real. He gave me a birth date that makes himself 20 years old & he lists himself as 22. The picture he sent me in our emails does not match the one on the site. If I were you I would avoid them by all means. Or everyone who reads this could email bomb his Johnbreslaws@gmail.com address & tell him what a low-life he really is. HA-HAAA
  3. Johns1 could send no proof who he was when asked to verify himself with photo Id. Says he lost his job cause of Covid, never replied back to me all day when on a Saturday without a job & it just so happens his phone camera doesn't work. Doesn't own a computer to send it that way either. I don't even think he is from Dallas, Texas. Then had the nerve to call me the scammer after I verified who I was with several pictures of myself & home. Another POS in the world.
  4. All the ones from Flushings NY are Scammers. To prove it I live in South Jersey & have told them All that I can drive up the 2 hours in my Truck to pick them up along with their stuff , after which they then never contact me again cause they want money to relocate to me.
  5. Yup he tried that on me also just this morning 3/8/19. I gave him Nothing. Then their are the Ads from Flushing NYC, there are several posts from there all say they need travel money. After I told them I lived in South Jersey only 3 hours away & I would come up there to pick them up in my truck to get them & all their stuff. They stop chatting with me, Blocking me. I reported several to Houseboy & nothing was done about it. Add Muscledhelper to the SCAMMER's LIST
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