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  1. I can't speak for anyone else, but I was not taken in by this guy, but did talk to him. I also find that your response is rather unnecessarily harsh and not helpful at all. In fact I'm insulted by your superior tone and all knowing attitude. You DO NOT know all the details or at least myself well enough to presume that you can speak down to me like I am some child that you need to school. I would appreciate it greatly if you would simply refrain from saying anything at all if you have nothing you are able to say pleasantly. I have been lied to by many guys before myself and learned how to spo
  2. Yngr4Mentor is the same guy once again. Christopher Johnsen. The same one that has ripped off so many guys on this site and that impersonated a police officer in Texas, but got caught for that. maybe he should be reported to the website owner?
  3. He has a record in the state of Texas for impersonating a police officer to get out of paying a hotel room bill.
  4. Exactly! What is wrong with this feature? It used to work once upon a time, but now it NEVER WORKS!
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