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  1. Jason4u - profile says he's in Houston, he reports he's actually in Dallas. Be prepared that, after a few minutes of conversation, he's going to ask you to send him money.
  2. Toomuchmike - do you have a profile on this site? If so, what's your profile name?
  3. No. Just expense and disappointment.
  4. There are so many of these scammer profiles on peacekeeping missions, they could form up a brigade!!
  5. There was one on another site the other day that had copied/pasted "his" profile from a M4F site - looking for a "lady". Hilarious. Bad scammers. A few weeks ago, I started telling the scammers that were on a "peacekeeping" mission that there were so many of them that were gay on these limited "peacekeeping" missions - were there gay bars for them? Did they all hang out? Why, it's almost like a gay army!
  6. The best we can do is filter for scammer commonalities, ask specific questions, insist on answers, and send no money at all.
  7. It is my opinion, and interpretation of my own experiences, that many or most of the young men offering their services on here are primarily looking for one of three things - free housing, free money, or "being spoiled." They are universally, none of them, ready to actually perform services that would make their presence in one's home worthwhile. I have negotiated with four house boy candidates thus far who have showed up for a trial run; none were successful. I have negotiated with another five, each of whom I had a similar experience in sending them money to travel here, airline tickets, etc
  8. Can't say I'm surprised; done it several times myself. One just has to establish the amount of money one is willing to gamble, knowing that there is a very high probability that nothing will come of it.
  9. DJHJD


    Eastern European. As I recall, he's not in the USA. Another quick, two message conversation and then silence.
  10. I heard from these folks or someone like them several years ago.
  11. DJHJD

    Scam ALERT

    His profile is using that Flushing NY address that is generally associated with scammers. Flushing is part of Queens. He's telling you he's in Rochester several hundred miles away.
  12. I talked to him for part of a day by SMS. He turned into a ghost thereafter. He can spell and punctuate, which is fantasy material these days. Other than that, I cannot speak to whether he's real or not.
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