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Found 5 results

  1. Younger houseman style guy here. I'm sorta in-between son for older guys and big bro/young dad for the younger buds. I was a houseboy for two homes when I was 18-19 and really enjoyed it. I guess I personally take the duties a bit more seriously, or try and make the responsibility a bit more formal. Sure there was plenty of fun, cuddle times and such, but ironing, cooking, cleaning up, helping them plan their day, practice talking points for meetings, etc. Like a Personal Valet, or butler with benefits lol. I've had a tough time finding another masc bud, thats younger, with the same drive to serve, or one that takes pride in it I guess is a better way of saying that. Has anyone ever hired a houseboy that was older than you, a houseman so to speak, dapper, respectful, helpful, masculine. One who respects the duties of the role but also isn't too bland to have a laugh? Idk, maybe I should be a free houseboy? I do really miss the bond it creates. Perhaps this has been addressed, but was just curious as to if anyone was a houseboy once or ever hired an older gentleman to fulfill that role?
  2. I gotta laugh. The boys are complaining that the Employers arent genuine or sincere? Im desperately trying to replace my last sub with a boy that isnt just trying to get in my pants. Thats all i have found thus far. Its a shame. Nice setup for a good sub boy.... SIR is looking for a 24/7 live-in sub Ranch boy for his Compound in California. Full Ownership Required. Daily Chores Domestic duties Used as Desired Disciplined as needed Rewarded when Deserved
  3. Just made my profile so it's very primitive, feel free to message me for more info and pics. Very open minded. I'll wear anything you buy me. Looking for fun friendly times! The website won't let me upload pictures for some reason, but they are available on request
  4. Hello my name is Tyler. I am a 6'5, 150lb slim, brown toned houseboy seeking an employer/sugar daddy that is willing to relocate me. My interest are going to the beach, going out to eat, watching movies, cooking, jogging, listening to music, cuddling, shopping, traveling, working out, playing football and long nights at home. I am very open minded, intelligent, neat, respectful guy. I don't bring drama, I am very appreciative of everything that I'd given to me. I can cook, clean, take great care of animals, hold a conversation, help out with tech, things around the house, run errands, be your personal and/or private assistant. I will always be there to support you, care for you, make sure nothing is wrong, nothing wrong and that you're always happy and when you're not it's my job to make sure that I help you get there. I'm looking to get an allowance (weekly or monthly) is something we can talk about. If interested you can reach me at either my number or email below. Email: tyleerharris@gmail.Com Number: 6129793853
  5. Hi all, My name is max, and I grew up in Los Angeles. Just graduated from college in Maine, and living in Portland. I'm looking to relocate, and am curious if any guys have a temporary or long-term living situation they could offer? I've done houseboy work before prior to college. I'm kind, intelligent, and a lot of fun. Feel free to PM me with any specific questions. Also happy to jump on Skype or the phone at any point. Have much more pictures that we could email as well! If you want a horny and healthy boy to wake up in your bed every morning, I'm your guy
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