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  1. This really intrigues me. I have a few gigs for a handyman and have even provided free room and board for a few others, though, it didn't come with the side perks but would be fun to fill both needs. Pm?
  2. Younger houseman style guy here. I'm sorta in-between son for older guys and big bro/young dad for the younger buds. I was a houseboy for two homes when I was 18-19 and really enjoyed it. I guess I personally take the duties a bit more seriously, or try and make the responsibility a bit more formal. Sure there was plenty of fun, cuddle times and such, but ironing, cooking, cleaning up, helping them plan their day, practice talking points for meetings, etc. Like a Personal Valet, or butler with benefits lol. I've had a tough time finding another masc bud, thats younger, with the same drive to serve, or one that takes pride in it I guess is a better way of saying that. Has anyone ever hired a houseboy that was older than you, a houseman so to speak, dapper, respectful, helpful, masculine. One who respects the duties of the role but also isn't too bland to have a laugh? Idk, maybe I should be a free houseboy? I do really miss the bond it creates. Perhaps this has been addressed, but was just curious as to if anyone was a houseboy once or ever hired an older gentleman to fulfill that role?
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