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Found 3 results

  1. Younger houseman style guy here. I'm sorta in-between son for older guys and big bro/young dad for the younger buds. I was a houseboy for two homes when I was 18-19 and really enjoyed it. I guess I personally take the duties a bit more seriously, or try and make the responsibility a bit more formal. Sure there was plenty of fun, cuddle times and such, but ironing, cooking, cleaning up, helping them plan their day, practice talking points for meetings, etc. Like a Personal Valet, or butler with benefits lol. I've had a tough time finding another masc bud, thats younger, with the same drive to serve, or one that takes pride in it I guess is a better way of saying that. Has anyone ever hired a houseboy that was older than you, a houseman so to speak, dapper, respectful, helpful, masculine. One who respects the duties of the role but also isn't too bland to have a laugh? Idk, maybe I should be a free houseboy? I do really miss the bond it creates. Perhaps this has been addressed, but was just curious as to if anyone was a houseboy once or ever hired an older gentleman to fulfill that role?
  2. TIRED OF GOING IT ALONE? Strong Dad figure looking for son who realizes he NEEDS his Dad. Life has become challenging and he needs help figuring it out in a safe place. Son needs love, affection, affirmation, encouragement, stability, sanity, safety and patient care. Dad needs son's devotion and doting attitude to build a solid and successful future together. Dad is a professional mentor, business owner, and life coach. How do I find this young man?
  3. Howdy, fellas, I'm a healthy Latino living in Fort Worth, ready to find an older gentleman to take care of. I don't ask for much at all! - only expenses and perhaps a little moral support. Thanks for reading. Message any inquiries, please. C'est moi
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