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Found 2 results

  1. TIRED OF GOING IT ALONE? Strong Dad figure looking for son who realizes he NEEDS his Dad. Life has become challenging and he needs help figuring it out in a safe place. Son needs love, affection, affirmation, encouragement, stability, sanity, safety and patient care. Dad needs son's devotion and doting attitude to build a solid and successful future together. Dad is a professional mentor, business owner, and life coach. How do I find this young man?
  2. The "Front Page" to this website states that a question to resolve is whether to "do an in person interview so you know if there is chemistry or not?" I would think the answer should be yes. Advice: In-Person Meeting (This applies to both houseboys and employers). OK. You've made the initial cut and an in-person meeting has been set up to meet each other. Dress appropriately. This is a job interview. First impressions count. Meet in a safe place. Neutral territory. Maybe a shopping mall, airport or similar populated public location. Safety comes first! Have a safety person who knows where you are. Have check-in times set up with your safety person. Both of you will likely be nervous. But I suspect the houseboy will be much more so than the employer. The employer should try to reduce the nervous tension. Prepare. Don't trust your memory. Write down questions which have not been resolved prior to this meeting. It's OK to refer to notes. It's OK to take handwritten notes. But be careful about using electronic devices as they may be considered to threaten privacy. Up to this point some "artistic license" may be acceptable in your representations to each other. But, when it gets to the actual position offer and acceptance, there needs to be honesty. You should both be willing to fully identify yourself with a government issued ID card to the other. Be prepared to walk (even run) away if things don't seem right. Any other suggestions for an in-person interview to consider or share?
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