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  1. Hi, I'd selected Tallahassee as my new home of relocation from Texas with William, Boyd, and Arthur(other houseboy mate). Everything about the situation was very, very ideal: tending to the animals, being in the Earth from early AM to the evening, the correspondance throughout the days with Boyd and Arthur, the quiet-setting ambiance and discipline of my efforts to provide. These are all major pluses, but William's deception, emotional tyranny, and conniving, manipulative ways canceled out all of the positive aspects. To start, his home is in Monticello(which is vaguely stated about in his profile). That's fine! I like that the area was more remote, off-the-grid-esque and tranquil. William off-the-bat asked me to lie about the plane ticket purchased for my flight to Georgia(drove the rest of the way to Florida), which was to be a round-trip-deal in a trial run session for a week. I was under the impression that Boyd knew about this. Another request was to lie about the hotel room which only had one king-size bed, on the sole night we stayed in Georgia. This placed me in an awkward state, since to lie is against my morals 'n principles. In addition to this, Boyd is a very nice fellow! I am rather keen on this guy, and we remain friends because of our similarities in personality. I never did tell him a lie. I worked hard outside of the house - always - and with pride. After a week, William would not tell me the value of my physical input. I was paying of the plane ticket he'd bought AND the ticket home to retrieve my truck to travel back to FL with. He then tacked on water, food, and electricity to the bill. This goes into defiance of what is stated in his Houseboy.com details and was NEVER talked about. It sort of defeats all my purposes in being a HB, doesn't it? I'd never have to work so much harder if he'd just bought the round-trip. In the end, he decided to purchase a bus ticket that was Texas-bound - again, against everything we'd discussed prior to my arrival. He constantly used the excuse that he'd forgotten about what we'd agreed on. Even when I'd produce the actual wordy swap betwix us both, the denial remained. This is the inner mind-workings of a compulsive liar that will always have to be right even when evidence is presented. Aside from this, there is no talking to William with a satisfying outcome. Yes, I wanted to be a part of the "familiness" in the house, but he'd shoot down everything I'd talk about. He has a mechanism engraved in his psyche - one that wants to confront and create conflict no matter what the issue or subject at hand. Superiority complex. It's not very possible to converse with this man. His partner of 24 years says he's ugly to people all the time for no reason. From his own mouth, he declared that he cannot know empathy and will not spare people's feelings(in a conversation we'd had as he came home to me raking up his frontage). He is an emotional terrorist and only has concerns for and what will benefit himself. SO! If you can learn to repress yourself in this oppressive atmospere, then the job could be a match for you. The work is constant and hard - that is, if you are unfamiliar with strong work ethics. Like I said in my first paragraph > There is so much good going on for this place. I cannot be sour about the ongoings!, because I had the experience that I desired, albeit only for a little over a week's worth of time. As I reached a saturation point of just how much I could tolerate, I reached out to Sean, a local to Sneads, Florida, and my new home is now with him - as an equal partner. Life is now grand, and I have to thank William for serving as the negatory catalyst in where my feet landed. I hope this will help anyone that decides to take his offer of a plane ticket to Florida... Nobody deserves to be placed in such frustration if a life without that is craved. Thanks for reading, and good luck to all those houseboys trying to find their place in life. Carlos Lopez
  2. Howdy, fellas, I'm a healthy Latino living in Fort Worth, ready to find an older gentleman to take care of. I don't ask for much at all! - only expenses and perhaps a little moral support. Thanks for reading. Message any inquiries, please. C'est moi
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