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  1. im interested in you if you wanna visit you can contact me here kansas heat is my screen name
  2. hello how are you have you found anyone yet
  3. hello how are you have you found anyone yet
  4. i would like to hear more from you i live a very stress free life i will admit im not out where i live . i do live in a very small town as well
  5. im looking for a houseboi and i would like to hear more from you
  6. i would interested on hearing from you
  7. im looking for a houseboi that will relocate to im laid back im kink friendly very open minded an love to experiment as well id like someone that likes to cook and clean i live in a pretty quiet enviroment please have pics as well upon request
  8. you can add ryderxxxdoll to the list as well
  9. kansasheat


    ryderxxxdoll from tucumcari new mexico is a fake some time ago we chatted and hit it off so i thought i asked if he wanted to relocate he said yes we agreed on the time an how he would get here i bought him a ticket and he never showed and he told me he lived very near the bus stationfact is it showed where the ticket was used i checked the bus lines the bus arrived an hr early i was there at 2am in the morning i drove 70 miles to pick him up and he never showed i tried to contact him but no response back
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