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  1. Add another justhop profile, says he’s an American Indian needs $400 to pay medical bills because his ID and passport are being held by a person who paid his bills,  Says he has been trained four years by Master but left because “he’s not like the other boys”. He will send pictures of “him”  stripping hot looking but does not match his profile. Beware!!!  He gets insulted if you question him, but he will also pester you if you don’t answer.  BIG TIME SCAMMER. Only wants your money. He calls himself Justin

  2. No money sent, but close.  Convincing, everything I wanted to hear, recent passport, but when asked for recent photo, the “boi” got very upset and gave all sorts of reasons for disparities,  mean while Dad Guy had sent me his address and photo of himself.  I had apologized to Boy Ken, but he was unrelenting in his continued attacks.  I said goodbye.  He sent a thank you, then  Dad Guy asked me to delete his Bakersfield address.  Remember, send no money, check the forms!

  3.  I recently found three house boys trying to scam me but the moment I asked if they had money to buy a ticket and that I would reimburse them when they arrived they immediately stopped responding. I also  found that they do not answer basic questions about their skills about their interests the only thing they reply back is how they’re going to take care of you how good they are in bed so for me this becomes a  red flag .   I feel if they can’t pull together enough money for airfare that perhaps they’re not a responsible individual and I would have trouble having them into my house not being able to trust them.  Through emails it should become evident of what they’re trying to do; if they truly are legitimate then a nonrefundable ticket is probably the best way to go yes I know some young men have a difficult time earning money for trips on airplanes but the heart is set on it where there’s a will there’s a way .  So perhaps the real question is one of trust how do you establish trust between two strangers; that should be an interesting topic for further discussion

  4. It would be helpful if we could identify in hind site  what tipped us off to the scammers, hopefully before sending them money or tickets (of course you didn’t send money, did you?)  But a gut feel, or hunch, or a flag waving, would be great if you could pass on the tip that helped you uncover the scam artist

    In my case while he had lots of photos, I asked him for some recent photos of himself with clothes on.  He only sent repeated photos.  I did ask him for a passport, but next time I will ask that he could take a photo of it as I need it for the ship’s documents.  Also another photo with him in it with a dated newspaper with a legible date.  Of course the big flag is when they ask for money to clean up past due bills, or “gas” money.

    Scammers tend to have a pretty well defined MO.  Because they have used to same ruse before, why change it, it works.  So if we can identify their ruse, scam by reporting it on this forum, it will do a lot to restore House Boy vitality.  Remember guys think with your brains, not you dick;  that is what the scammers are counting on, they are using their brains because they are dickless, let’s turn the tables and use are brains




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  5. Totally agree, a scammer.  His lease is up, truck is packed, needs gas money, shames you if you balk, then knows you were just bs!   Remember the number

    O N E  RULE.   DO NOT SEND MONEY. !!!!   REGARDLESS WHAT iS SAID. He is good, he is convincing, he is good at shaming, he is a.   S C A M M E R !!!!!!

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