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  1. I had received a fake check from Jeremywells asking to have in deposit in my bank account through the ATM. I went into the bank and they check the it out and confirm that it was fake. This is the second person on HB who tried to get me to deposit a fake check. 

    watch out for this scam. 

  2. He uses the same story before, landlord kicking him out and no gas money. Everything he owns is in his truck. 

    We chatted before and he blocked a few of us on this website everything he starts a new profile. He's sent pictures of himself to me even a cock picture. Sent me a picture of his ID and his vehicle registration to gain his trust. He would call me babe all the time in our text massages. 

    Beware of this piece of sh**!

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  3.    He is a fake, he says that he doesn't know how to drive, but send a picture of his driver's license. Which is a fake also. His address was on Bacardi rd in Staten Island. There is no street or road in Staten Island. His birthday is 4/20, yea right. And the pictures he provided look like in a hotel room and someone else was taking them or he had a tripod with a timer.

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