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From Houseboy to young L.E.O., but missing mature contact...

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My time as a houseboy (particularly the 3 years in Key West) introduced me to my current field of law enforcement which I currently work, so I will always be grateful for this site and all the men that gave me a chance to better myself. Recently, I was able to move back here to my hometown and I now proudly wear the sheriff's department emblem and shield of my hometown. I'm well on my way to finding and settling down on a nice piece of land out here in the country to spend my days doing those country things I love (cooking, raising a few animals, playing with the dogs, watching the deer eat the pears off the ground, etc) far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. I almost couldn't be happier.

As a houseboy, I was able to be more than just the normal big black top that most people desire when they see my and I learned that I have an urge to satisfy a good man that takes care of my intellectual and emotional needs. It was nice to be able to open up and let my guard down and cry on someone's shoulder when I needed it instead of always being the tough one. I used to think it was perhaps something I was missing from my own dad, but we have a great relationship. It took me a while to realize that I am just more attracted physically and mentally to older men. There is no amount of money that can replace the gifts I've received from the men I've met on here, the things I will always hold near and dear to me.

So, I hope to meet some nice guys that would like to be friends. I don't want anything sexual right now. If you live far away, I will pay my own way to fly up and see you for an extended period of time if we hit it off. If you want to come here, I'd gladly show you all the fun hidden gems this area has to offer. I am not open to relocating. Dating isn't out of the question; if it happens, just be patient. I'd rather you email me than reply on here.

Oh, and yes, I am completely out and open at work and in life.


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