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We are the premier site to connect you with hot gay men who want to meet houseboys and boys who want to meet their man. Fill out a profile and start enjoying the action.

Houseboy is run by a team of gay writers, designers and programmers from around the world. We are based in France and Brazil.

Whether you are looking for that great guy to complete your life, a short summer experience or a long commitment to expand your social circle, you have found your home. is a non-judgmental place for every man. You can bring up any topic you'd like in our forums and find like-minded dirty boys to talk with. Nothing is off limits, and you can easily meet man meat on houseboy and search for exactly the type of houseboy or employer you are looking for.

This is a gay community designed by the gay community, and we want to be free from all forms on intolerance. It doesn't matter if you are thin or fat, smooth or hairy, tall or short; you'll find people like you here.

We are 100 percent gay owned and operated!

Tired of coming home from work exhausted and alone? Well, here is the place where you can find a boy to keep you company, help you relax by popping in some tunes and giving you a nice massage. Fed up with all that work which is stressing you out? Why not have a boy help you out to make it easier for you and relieve the tension to lower that unnecessary stress?

Hey Boys! Has there ever been a time in your life where you work ridiculous hours and get nothing out of the experience? Well, this is the place where you can obtain a change in position at a time in your life and experience a close connection with someone.

Welcome to, a site where both Men can find the hottest, cutest boys and where Boys can find the studliest men- available for your needs, whatever needs they may be.

The term "boys" as used in this site, refers to males at least 18 years of age, who are seeking a position.

Oh Boy! Want A Job That Can Provide A Cool Place To Live, Ready Cash And Quite Possibly Great Sex? Maybe You Are A Natural Houseboy! Houseboys, houseboys, what you gonna do when they clean for you? What? You never heard of a houseboy? No, we are not talking being some Kato Kailen to the next OJ. It's more like being a cute Robin to an older Batman. Bruce Wayne had it made! A Houseboy is a young man, usually gay, looking to live with an older couple or confirmed bachelor. In most cases the houseboy acts as a 'Boy Friday' running errands, keeping the house clean, cooking meals, and even cleaning the pool.

Often, but not always, the houseboy will have a sexual relationship with one or both people living in the home. Sometimes being a houseboy can become a long term emotional and/or sexual relationship. Some couples freak at the idea of getting nasty with their houseboys. They just appreciate having a cute young stud around to oggle while he scrubs the floors. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Some houseboys are trained by their mentors, either in the acts of gay love, a career or both! Talk about having your cake and eating him too!

Will I Make Money? Maybe yes, maybe no, you greedy boy! This is not long-term prostitution. It is a deeply rooted tradition, which is more like being a butler with fringe benefits. Some houseboys are given a salary. Others are simply given room, board, travel, and a fabulous place to live. Still others get room, board, and an allowance depending on how happy they have made their mentors that week. A few houseboys even have part time jobs outside the estate, which they live in rent-free. A houseboy needs to work out the details of how he will be compensated in advance, lest he finds himself a prisoner. Except of course if that is what the house stud wants to be!

Houseboys do need to find out in advance what they will and won't do in advance. Some don't do windows. Some don't give head. Some just have to see Mom every Sunday. Here are the questions to ask and things to do before you become a houseboy or hire one.

Get the 411 on the job description! If you don't ask, they can't tell!

Do an in person interview so you know if there is chemistry or not.

Should you do a trial period?

Vacations? Days off? Holidays? This isn't jail!

Who pays for you to travel to your mentor's home?

Are you qualified?

Rent included or deducted from salary

Do you have to have sex? Any particular acts? Protected or Houseboy?

Get a contract!

Get references for your houseboy. You don't want your China to go missing!

Why Be A Houseboy? If you are young and cute the only real question is why not be a houseboy? Think about it. You will probably get to see a stable gay relationship and learn how they work. You will get a great place to live. You may get a salary. It is also very likely that you will get the chance to have great sex with an experienced older man. Say good bye to two pump chumps!

Why hire a Houseboy? Why ask why? If you can afford it just try! Wouldn't you like to help a young gay man learn about stable gay lifestyles? Or, if you are a single gay man, wouldn't it be nice to have some eye candy around. And face it, there are lots of chores around any home that just never seem to get done right. You are also doing good for the community. Many houseboys are students who might have to live in rat holes or else get jobs that would interfere with their studies. You are giving them a great start in life!Sometimes lesbian couples hire houseboys to avoid the traditional feminine roles in their home. Bisexual couples may like having a houseboy around who can satisfy both of their needs. Be careful though. Do you fight with your boyfriend? Don't you think you might fight more if there was suddenly a cute young thing to temp both of you? Work everything out in advance and avoid problems down the line! Another common situation is for an older gay man, who may not feel comfortable in the bar scene anymore to hire a houseboy. This allows him to be seen with a hot young man, but saves him from humiliation at the meat markets. The houseboy wins by getting to go to the best resorts and parties in the land! Everybody wins!

Are You Ready? Doesn't a houseboy sound like a great treat for your home? Doesn't being a houseboy sound like a tasty way to make extra money and live the high life? Just cruise our classifieds now! You will find hundreds of houseboys looking for mentors and mentors looking for houseboys. A good clean job is just a mouse click away!

The best way to insure you are talking to someone Legit is to see if their photos have been verified or if they have a live Video where it shows them in the video. If they have face photos on their profile and they have not been verified, assume they are hiding something. No one that asks you to send them money is legit. NO one. Do not send gas money, plane money, etc.

It gets asked many times: "how do I know someone is legit?" For ALL houseboys and employers: NEVER give out your personal information unless you have a live cam chat with someone and you have vetted them. If someone can't do a cam chat with a potential houseboy or possible employer, you are on the wrong site. If someone is intelligent enough to fill out a profile, they are computer savvy enough to video chat. If someone tells you they can't do this, they are lying and do NOT trust them! Do not give out any personal information until you have fully vetted someone and the first step to that is a live video chat.

Employers: NEVER send Money!

Houseboys: NEVER give someone your full ID and information until you know the situation is legit. Anyone that asks you to do a background check BEFORE you meet, if fucking with you. If they can afford a background check, they can afford a plane ticket to your town to meet you in person first.


Thank you,

The team.