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    Jackson Hole WY
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    Skiing yoga mt biking electric dance music. Love different city's. Style Photography, taking a art class I want to try glass blowing. Love to paint Going out with friends I'm into self help weather it's spirituality or yoga. I love weddings kinda weird I know but I work with flowers so I'm kinda a hopeless romantic.

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My name is Taylor. I’m American Indian. I’m into staying active, Mt. biking, skiing,  hot yoga, travelling. Love dogs. I like to surround myself with supportive and positive people in my life. music. films, ballet. I enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy volunteering. I’m really in self help books. I like to care for my self weather its going to yoga or just spiritual experiences . There is this light that fallows me so it seems to work. I love what I do. I work as a floral designer for a flower company here in Jackson Hole WY. The flower company I work for. Provides A service were we come in-house and set the arrangements in house/ hotels ect. I decorate ,coordinate events. I truly enjoy my job which seems not like a job. More like, I just make things elegance  and capturer beauty on a daily basis.  I guess there’s alot to question about me. One word to describe me would be that I'm not complex, more intriguing.

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