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  1. First off I wanted to say well done to Houseboy.com. The new setup is excellent. Sure when everyone has updated their profiles it will be spot on. Hello Employers. I see this site has many many wonderfull men looking for a boy but so many are so far away. I hoping that this post may help me find an English Employer. Im close to London but can travel without you having to pay for it. I can assure you that im genuine and should we meet for an interview im sure you will pick up on that about me. I see lots of houseboys on here with younger ages than me and I remember being that young and wanting this life, only when it came to it I was scared. As im sure they will be. Now that ive aged a little but still kept my sweet charm, plus grown more confident with being with guys, this is still the life I seek. Some people just dont find there way in life because there trying to blend in with the norm. Ive blended in but its not for me. I want to be a houseboy. Im a virgo and were classed as perfectionists. To wake up everyday with the knowlage that I have you to serve is my reason im here. Not to be the norm, but to be ME. Im very polite and will always answer my Employer as Sir. Thats the respect that you deserve. If your looking and you think, mmmm maybe him? Im not sure what else I can tell you other than give me a try. I keep my fingers crossed that your there, somewhere. Seth xx
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