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  1. We're a gay couple in the Miami area. We're looking for a live-in houseboy. Free room and board in a nice neighborhood in exchange for a few hours per week cleaning, special project, etc. If interested, send a message on the main site. Let's Skype or E-mail to see if it's a good fit.
  2. Cannot seem to access any profiles. I've tried different computer, different browsers, clearing cache, etc. None of the profiles will load.
  3. I used the Wink feature a few times to start a connection. I just looked through my messages and was horrified to see the actual text of the wink. It had apparently been copied/pasted from another affiliated site. Can you please make the message more appropriate for this site, and is there a way you can delete all the previous winks that were sent with the old message. I'm afraid I may have accidentally offended some potential connections with inappropriate text.
  4. Professional couple looking for a live-in houseboy to help out with cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. (approx 10-15 hours per week) in exchange for room and board. Private room/bath in a good location close to shopping, restaurants, schools (college/university). Flexible hours to allow for outside job and/or school, and social life. Looking for someone reliable, trustworthy, and drama-free to help simplify our lives.
  5. I don't see a way to get to a user's profile from the forum. I can click on their name and see their activity, but I don't see a way to actually get to their profile. Isn't the whole idea to be able to easily find profiles that might be a good match? Is there some link I'm overlooking?
  6. I tried sending a reply to someone in the message area, but it would only accept a few lines of text....not really enough to get to know someone or explain the arrangement. Interestingly, I was trying to reply to a rather long message, so somewhere along the way, it changed to limiting replies to a very short amount, although it seems to be storing longer messages in the back-end database.
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