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  1. Being in South Africa means that there are only 3 or 4 other profiles and the local community is conservative in the extreme about houseboys. Try as I may I have had no success here. So tin my case I would have to look overseas. I would also have to do it in a period where I can take leave for up to 3 months - Mid or en of year. My tourist visa would be legal for up to 6 months, but the reality is that getting permanent documents in a foreign country is difficult, and all the more difficult if it means giving up your career in your home country. Say one comes for 3 months, another reality would be the cost of travel would be about $1000: as houseboy I'd be perfectly happy if that would be a salary payable after (in full or as a part contribution) on completion of the period of service, but to even bring money into a conversation immediately creates distrust. This is where the fraudulent guys really spoils life for us all.
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