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  1. Hi! I have worked in the adult industry since 2012 and it helped me recently pursue my passion in social work. I believe what had sustained my relative success in the trade was my hard work ethic and ability to make something memorable. Recently I was laid off by my other job and all my clients cancelled sessions for this month due to corona virus. This led me to attempt to move to online work (camming) which led to me loosing my home. I am a hard-worker and i demonstrated resiliency in the face of adversity but with corona making it difficult to find work I find my optimisim is slowly starting to slip away from me. I am willing to relocate in the states and can discuss expectations I am a well put together guy and i do hope we get to chat. BTW this would all be less of an issue but because of my chronic health condition, i really do not want to get exposed or hospitalized for corvid, i do hope to be able to get myself into a better space.
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