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  1. I’m a sweet and young looking 31 year old looking for something unique and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve been on many sites looking for this dynamic but I’ve been kind of let down so I’m trying on here. I’m looking for someone or a couple who is into the gaining kink (encouraging others to get bigger with fat or muscle) and wants a real connection with it. I’m a pretty kinky guy and open to many things, but I’m not looking to become someone’s slave and punching bag. I have my few likes and dislikes and I’m just trying to find people I can mesh a real life connection with what I want. If you’re into growing a guy fatter or with huge muscles (maybe become a bodybuilder If you want), hit me up. I am a real person and I’m not fake. I have no problem relocating and answering any questions you have. I’m not looking to live in your basement and be a slave, so please be aware of that. I’m just a a normal guy who is college educated, a little lost in life, kind, plays way too many video games, has his fetishes and likes, and just hopes to find people who are into it and having fun. Also, if you’re interested in being a mentor to me in web design and development, I want to really get into it. I have always wanted to get into it and start a career but haven’t had the confidence and direction to get into it. I have an AS in it and know a little already. - Kevin.
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