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Found 3 results

  1. I could spend all day talking about myself, but kinda tired of it. What is important is I am sick of being alone, and the last 4 years is the first time I have not had at least one, and usually two, live-in companions who generally were tired of dating, not wishing to go through the Grindr, call-boy, or silly meaningless random sex routine. Sure, they were usually vets, like me, students of little means, or guys that had such personal issues and self-esteem issues, they were in danger of being lost or go nuts. Certainly Covid has not helped. I am vaccinated, negative, educated,.... blah, blah, blah! And what I seek in you is someone who feels like, if they just had a chance to belong someplace, with help, meaning moral support and coaching, not a "Sugar-Daddy" situuation, they could pull them selves up and actually have a life. No, I do not seek to reform those on drugs, drinkers, or smokers, that's beyond my capacity for patience, and beyond hope for you to do alone, get Help! What I do require, if anything, is that you have some skill, and these are the ones I prefer, military experience, with a decent MOS, someone who likes to monkey with, or has experience with old cars, as THAT alone is something I wish to be involved in, restorations, also carpentry, or construction, or cooking, or HELL. even a cook or just a dedicated student who's not getting anywhere alone. I FIRMLY believe that it usually takes help, and someone to count on, both ways, to accomplish and build a life, so if you have tried, nearly or partly succeeded, or have HOPES you can accomplish good things if given a chance, TRY me. All I can do is say no, right? To my way of thinking, it is a team effort and one which requires absolute effort on both parts, so, Let me know what you think.
  2. I am new on this site. I am an employer looking for a real houseboy who will have benefits from me(depends on how acquainted I become with you) I'm looking for a relationship that I hope goes into the long-term I'm a middle-aged man looking to make the right choices going forward. So please, pay this no heed if you're not real or not serious. My houseboy username is Michaelgratt
  3. Looking for any Los Angeles area men who want someone to live in and take care of them. Doesnt have to be sexual, but if you pay well or there is an attraction, it could be. Just looking to relocate. 29m latino POZ 5"10, 140 blk/brn vers. Hace pics and facebook for SERIOUS ONLY!!
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