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  1. It really is a new world out there, and in this world there are more slippery and dishonest people than I care to admit. The fact is, we have a certain (small number, thank goodness!) of people who are so far out there in fantasy-land, it's truly doubtful they know a shady lie from an honest answer. But I do tell you what, there is always those people who are open and honest about seeking someone in their lives, and there are a few ways to tell them from the wannabees and liars, for one, they start off with treating a forum like this as a resume, and tell you, upfront, a lot more than "Hey I am cute, hire me, or,...come live with me!" They give you an idea of their situation, "just out of school," " living at home," "recently discharged veteran," or, on the employer side you get, "couple needing helper," "Houseboy needed," and THEN, you get some kind of introduction, like, "I want to start over, things have been confused in my life too long," or, "ambitious sexy boy looking to belong to a house where open relationships, experimentation, curiosity-filled, exhibitionism is the norm," or, "previously anorexic in relationships guy, once a closet-case has devoted his life to discovery, and not being ashamed of my decision, and needs help to learn what is possible on this side of the fence!" "Help wanted, assistant who has figured out his parents knew nothing about raising a Gay boy, and whose needs include guidance in finding my own ranges and limits in Life! " Sure this all sounds familiar, because we have BEEN there, and should no longer be afraid to admit we have ideas, desires, and a need to explore something we just haven't the capacity to explore alone. Face it, no one was born an expert in any endeavor, to include being gay, and without a bit of help, guidance, and experience, It's seriously doubtful anyone will learn to grow and be a part of ANY community. Such imaginative tag lines are not beyon anyone's imagination, you have your own story to share, it should reflect not ONLY the actual desire to join the community, but does not hide and betray the fact someone is just looking to take advantage and use people. We will leave that for the ones who refuse to blend in some details about their experience, the desire to move ahead and the absolute NEED to share this experience with others, be guided or assisted in your life, and, overall, be a decent and open person who actually cares about others and wishes to participate, and not just prey on others by putting up shy feelers which cry for notice, but do nothing to detail things like goals, Shyness may be a fact, but it is also a MASK which can hide acceptance, a false person, and fail to reveal experience, which can help to reveal someone's actual abilities, or hide a desire to find guidance. And let's face it, it is NOT just Houseboys who need guidance, it is anyone who wishes to be a part and take PRIDE in our community. Let's reach out a bit farther, take hold of your manhood and actually open up about what you seek, are offering, and are capable of.
  2. I really wish people who were serious would realize that it's far better to list a bit more than just a skimpy ad, try a profile and a picture.
  3. Woulldn't it be far easier to put at least one photo, and your profile online??
  4. New Houseboys should realize this space is like a resume spot for recruitment by Men who have an opening, not just in their home, but in their lives for a worthwhile guy who wishes to live within the Gay community as a helper and part of our family. The internet it seems, has created a new means to form attachments, but the fact is, many men are seeking to have a REAL companion, and it's a shame that there are no formal rules for communication, just a polite, and open suggestion that people realize they are in a marketplace, trying to "sell" your experience, desires, goals and future hopes to be a part of the community, and a family, in a significant way. Likewise, guys seeking a Houseboy have the responsibilty to realize they are not "hiring" an indentured servant, who is obligated to adhere to any whim, kink, situation or demand you make, you are selecting someone that you wish to take on in a mutually beneficial situation. To those unfortunate losers who are basically predators in locating and abusing guys for a time and hope to find someone as gullible and irresponsible of their own future and safety, well, there is a thing called Karma which will eventually place you into a situation where you belong! For those Houseboy wannabees who think they can lie and obfuscate their way into a position of some reward, give it up, the situation is there are many more out there who see through you just by the sheer fact you do not communicate well, tend to change stories, and will point you out to others long before you have a chance to profit much, and realistically, you have no future in duping people, there are too many of them, and too few braincells in your pathetic cranium! This leaves those few serious people who are sincerely pressing to locate a companion, adopt and bring them into something which can really only be described as the ride of your life. Sure, there are pitfalls, drugs, alcoholism, petty and demented guys on both sides, who just wanna take any advantage they can, but,in the end, that kind of behavior is short-lived and best sought out for exposure, and getting someone banned from participation in polite company. Perhaps this is the best advice to give, there is a polite, thriving community which welcomes people who deserve a place, and that same community is strong enough to weed out and segregate users and abusers alike from participating. The main point of this is the need for communication, what you will find is those who are worthwhile do have the ability to tell you what they are seeking, how they either desire, or offer help, and who can easily convey the idea of feelings, needs and those skills, abilities and hopes they bring to the table. It all starts with communication, so if you hide, fail to respond, or tend to not purposely say enough about yourself and prove to each other a sincerity and caring attitude, it will show, those people who only discuss "ME, ME, ME!" are the ones who have neither the ability or attitude to help or support anyone, themselves, included.
  5. I have had a number of "excellente" Houseboys, used to run a gay Inn in Texas, and so I had a decent selection of boys, both students, and local boys with varied backgrounds and experiences. I would attest to the fact that if you do not have a decent profile on here displaying your strengths, goals, skills, and desires to receive from an employer, AND check your messages daily, reply in a rapido manner, and fill out a membership detailed listing, no one will try and contact you.
  6. .......I thought raw was ONLY for the Pizza delivery boy? It seems that HINTING that the majority of people approve somehow suggests it's the common "thang" out thereabouts,... Wouldn't it be a lovelier world if people kept their pet desires, fantasies and eccentricities as fodder for more personal discussions, and not put out there what they assume many are doing. It's kinda like this, in the past I have had houseboys who were absolutely fine with sex as part of the deal, and then there were those who stipulated a "hands off" policy upfront. Do I see an issue with this relative individuality? NO, but it's kind of always been my point of view that you find a suitable and compatible helper, and then discuss details before the actual deal is made. If either party is to blame for a lack of communication, it is the person LOOKING for the Houseboy who failed to align the rules and expectations to the skills, and limits of the Houseboy. In short, teacher, teach me better. Suffice it to say, that we are all either Gay here, or accepting of a Male to Male model of interaction, and that, simply put, sex has to be, at the very least, part of the open discussion, and usually, if that one precept is not 100% agreed and affirmed, ahead of time, and BY BOTH PARTIES, then both parties should walk away,... or run, in some cases! What I really suggest also, as a warning, is to open up about your own deisres, and avoid people with set-in-stone "ABSOLUTES," meaning, either you do this (or don't!), or we do not move ahead, and this, as with sex, is a warning to BOTH parties involved, to steer clear of any and all assumed "absolutes." Clear, concise communication, to the point of "getting it in writing" should be something more seriously considered.
  7. trent

    Hollow messages

    I keep seeing the same thing, and it really could be two things indicated. First, I see Houseboys pleading to be asked questions, and then complaining that no one answers them, and two, I see people reaching out for someone to listen, both seekers AND Houseboys, but failing to realize the reason is, they have said nothing to respond to. Do us ALL a favor, take the time to realize you are responsible here to communicate enough about yourself to attract attention, if you are a Houseboy, and you have the responsibility to display the traits and characteristics which make you unique, desirable, and needed. If you are seeking a Houseboy, please extend everyone the courtesy to know your background, likes, and then describe a bit about what you seek, and what you offer in return, why wait until you have 2-3 responses to realize the person talking to you hasn't a clue how to communicate, or is so messed up they cannot even open up a conversation. It is the duty of someone seeking a Houseboy not only to start the dialog, but to draw the Houseboy into a meaningful conversation, empty, shallow responses are just an indication you are being dicked around by either a scam player, or chanced upon someone without the skill or ability to convey their better selves, and making a cry for help towards finding a teacher.
  8. I could spend all day talking about myself, but kinda tired of it. What is important is I am sick of being alone, and the last 4 years is the first time I have not had at least one, and usually two, live-in companions who generally were tired of dating, not wishing to go through the Grindr, call-boy, or silly meaningless random sex routine. Sure, they were usually vets, like me, students of little means, or guys that had such personal issues and self-esteem issues, they were in danger of being lost or go nuts. Certainly Covid has not helped. I am vaccinated, negative, educated,.... blah, blah, blah! And what I seek in you is someone who feels like, if they just had a chance to belong someplace, with help, meaning moral support and coaching, not a "Sugar-Daddy" situuation, they could pull them selves up and actually have a life. No, I do not seek to reform those on drugs, drinkers, or smokers, that's beyond my capacity for patience, and beyond hope for you to do alone, get Help! What I do require, if anything, is that you have some skill, and these are the ones I prefer, military experience, with a decent MOS, someone who likes to monkey with, or has experience with old cars, as THAT alone is something I wish to be involved in, restorations, also carpentry, or construction, or cooking, or HELL. even a cook or just a dedicated student who's not getting anywhere alone. I FIRMLY believe that it usually takes help, and someone to count on, both ways, to accomplish and build a life, so if you have tried, nearly or partly succeeded, or have HOPES you can accomplish good things if given a chance, TRY me. All I can do is say no, right? To my way of thinking, it is a team effort and one which requires absolute effort on both parts, so, Let me know what you think.
  9. I really have to agree with those who say NO to sponsoring travel to meet you. the fact is, part of demonstrating that a houseboy is serious is the willingness to step out into the unknown at HIS cost, because, basically, it's an investment in yourself, and a pretty good sign as to whether, in the long run, they will be dependable, stable, and adventurous enough to be able to make that leap of faith. My situation began in college, when I began dating a guy who actually needed me because his growing up homelife was, well, it sucked! Parents that forced him into gymnastics, at age 5, which had a good outcome, he won a full-ride sccholarship to the Midwestern college I attended. At the age of 25, when he STOPPED daily training, he went from 5'2" to 5'7" in less than a year, which his doctor said was mostly due to allowing his body a chance to heal and acheive a normal metabolism. In all, I feel like I benefitted as much from being with him, as he did with me, since it was good for me to be a bit of a mentor, and bring out the best in both of us. later on, I made the error of taking on three other boys, full-time, two, on call, when it got extreme, in managing a gay resort Inn,... a fun period, but stressful, as was also working an eight-hour shift at a college. Had it not been for my boyfriend's drive, loyalty and willingness to make things work, it's doubtful we would have had an eight-year successful run at it! Of course, we self-recruited out of the gay community, and also mainly students, who needed a break, anyway, but with the flexible hours and inconvenience of five men living in a 3 -ring circus of guests, tours, and keeping a place open 24 hours a day, Would I do it again? No, definitely not, but we all benefitted financially, and grew almost to the point of being family over that eight years. how many times one of us went down to the desk at 3AM in jeans, shirtless and barefoot sounds sexy, but the average amount of sleep a day was more likee 5 hours than 8. Part of the reason I would not do it again, is that it really has changed for the worst. Where it used to be a tiny whisper of an opening brought in curious young men, today, most of the people in the age group I was dealing with, have neither interest, nor aptitude to deal with an actual person-to-person communication job, and their expectations are more in the Hollywood lifestyle than "Hold on, we'll get through this." attitude.
  10. As a Native American by decent, I do not see the attraction of white boys, and find Asian men both attractive and exotic. The unfortunate thing is, despite being near a good school, I am NOT in Southern California, and I am also glad of it. In the past, I had associations with California boys and found they complain a great deal about the weather, the lack of gay locals and entertainment, and, what affects me most, the lack of decent Asian markets.
  11. But no details, experiences, or strengths???
  12. trent

    New Houseboy

    Hope you find local, if not, I am in the Midwest and seeking skilled hospitality freaks.
  13. I hope you realize raw is something generally reserved for the people in your immediate association, and not the local pizza delivery boy?
  14. Not only serious, but knowledgeable about what a real houseboy is presenting. It's usually someone who can't find something else to do, and that's the primary problem why no one has hired them or taken them on.
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