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looking for Summer arrangment.

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I’m seeking a summer live in arrangement in exchange for work or something along those lines. Im from Jackson Hole WY I have experiences living in a resort sort of environment. I currently work as a floral designer for a flower shop here in the grand tetons of WY. I enjoy skiing and mt. biking and hot yoga. I have care taken houses here in teton village. So Im familiar with house care taking. Let me know  me know with a messgae if this might work for you and want to get to know me a little better. Cheers Mates

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Beware - he is a druggie/substance abuser into pain pills, alcohol, pot, smokes etc.  He wants to be out until 3-4am. a partyer.   Threw him out twice drunk or high - he was treated well paying for his travel, clothes, food, and even cigarettes.  He retaliated by reporting me to the police falsely accusing me of possession of child porn - STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

I have a detective looking for him - he has cost me $50,000 in legal fees so far - I am going to prosecute him and sue him for what he has done. 

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