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House Boy

Latest fake/scammer: Tbakercobblers from Rapid City SD


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It would be helpful if we could identify in hind site  what tipped us off to the scammers, hopefully before sending them money or tickets (of course you didn’t send money, did you?)  But a gut feel, or hunch, or a flag waving, would be great if you could pass on the tip that helped you uncover the scam artist

In my case while he had lots of photos, I asked him for some recent photos of himself with clothes on.  He only sent repeated photos.  I did ask him for a passport, but next time I will ask that he could take a photo of it as I need it for the ship’s documents.  Also another photo with him in it with a dated newspaper with a legible date.  Of course the big flag is when they ask for money to clean up past due bills, or “gas” money.

Scammers tend to have a pretty well defined MO.  Because they have used to same ruse before, why change it, it works.  So if we can identify their ruse, scam by reporting it on this forum, it will do a lot to restore House Boy vitality.  Remember guys think with your brains, not you dick;  that is what the scammers are counting on, they are using their brains because they are dickless, let’s turn the tables and use are brains




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For these clowns, this is EASY MONEY.

The stories are getting better folks.


A couple years ago this guy, Justin, was going through the Craigs list, when it was still with personals.  i ran into him in the Chicago Craigslist personals.   his story goes that he lived with his grandparent that just died.  He was removed from the house as the estate was settled.    Moving down the  correspondance, he has a car but no money.    The script was very good and he had help, or it was the same creep.   He gave a number to a shelter where he could be located.  I did call and an elderly man (sounds like) answered, knew of him but of course he was no longer there.  He needed money to gas the car from Virginia, I took a chance, then the car broke down, etc etc etc.       THE HOLES were that I was following the map, his times did not match the map, his travel was way slow, his phone calls were not correct length of time as travel.    Called said he was broken down, by the map he would have been 100 miles away so I told him I would come for him.  The response was not good with accurizations (taunting to get money sent) and I simply said no.

I later started checking other cities, in Texas for example and this JUSTIN guy had ads there too as well as other cities which I deleted as I found them.   He didn't check his ads often, probably because he had people in play.  After awhile he would return again and I'd delete him again.


Another recent attempt was of a Lad that lived with friends in Ohio, worked a job.  I should have caught it but some of his phrases or words he used were slightly off.   Lots of story,  IT WAS A VERY VERY GOOD SCRIPT.  This scam went over 6 months, sick mother, Father died  and left estate that he had to collect.  OH IT WAS GOOD.   When he "visited" his mother, could hear him walking to the "train station".  Incredible SCRIPT, and he was not alone.  This was a team effort.  and sent loads of pics to me, talked on the phone, EVERYTHING needed to convince someone the story was real.  Even had someone posing as a lawyer for the estate.  They dotted the I's and crossed the T's. 

This was a particularly hard case because you could not trace the IP address.

What screwed the plan up was he had to fly to a place for the reading of the estate (of his father).   He made the mistake to send me what was supposed to be his airline ticket.  It sure did look like one.  Problem was, I checked the flight and when he took off, his connection was taking off too, from where he was supposed to meat the other plane.  BUSTED.

I only bring this up to tell you, these creeps have a very VERY good script and if they want you to believe the story, they work hard at it.  They know the buttons to push.

NOPE, he didn't get any money.

Unless the scammer is particularly untrained for the scam, the new scammers are getting to be really good and I will venture to say, a high number of "targets" are sending money thinking the scam is the real thing.   They are getting to be that good.  Be careful.

What is needed is not for everyone to try to find this on their own, because they will tell you they are real, but maybe a checklist to go over of things to watch for.

Like in my case, some of the things were ever so slightly off,  the mistake to send a airline ticket fake and it did not match actual flight plans that I checked.  But most people would not check a flight plan or the tickets.

There needs to be something to look at to help stop the scammers and it has to be as good as the scammers are getting.


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