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Daviels is a Scam

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Another one of the “master” rehoming his “trained boy” for a fee, bs scams! Steer clear fellas so you don’t waste your time like I did. Goes by the name David Daniels. Claims Ontario, Canada is home. Three years training. No passport. No drivers license. How convenient. Lives with master but said I have to email his master to get the “terms” and gives me an email address to email him asking for “the terms”. I told him to simply write down my email address (we were emailing back and forth) and hand it to his master. Oh no, he couldn’t do that because it would upset him and better if I emailed him. That’s when I really laughed out loud. Anyway fellas you’ve been warned. Good luck hunting, everyone. 

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HAHAHAHA, man thats a good one. You know, I swear there’s a scammer’s guide book these scum bags use because they all pretty much read the same, word for word. Sad fact of the matter is trying to get the folks who run this website to kick the scum to the curb instead of allowing them to continue their destructive behavior here on the website. 

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