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Feltchin? Brand new houseboy here

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Now that I'm old enough to be a houseboy I'm trying to get acquainted with all the fetishes. Everything on the site I've now tried, but I got this email from houseboy and it mentioned something not listed in their fetishes. Feltching. I'm curious if anyone has tried this or requires this of their boys? Here's the email from houseboy.com

At the Houseboy.com, we know there is strength in numbers and want to build the largest community possible for guys who know that raw bare fucking is the best form of fucking on the planet. We can all help and support each other as we try to create a community of members who love raw loads, cum dumps, feltching and juicy seconds.

So come over to the forums! You'll find new guys and be able to help out members of the community with your own personal experiences.

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I hope you realize raw is something generally reserved for the people in your immediate association, and not the local pizza delivery boy?

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.......I thought raw was ONLY for the Pizza delivery boy? It seems that HINTING that the majority of people approve somehow suggests it's the common "thang" out thereabouts,... Wouldn't it be a lovelier world if people kept their pet desires, fantasies and eccentricities as fodder for more personal discussions, and not put out there what they assume many are doing. It's kinda like this, in the past I have had houseboys who were absolutely fine with sex as part of the deal, and then there were those who stipulated a "hands off" policy upfront.  Do I see an issue with this relative individuality? NO, but it's kind of always been my point of view that you find a suitable and compatible helper, and then discuss details before the actual deal is made. If either party is to blame for a lack of communication, it is the person LOOKING for the Houseboy who failed to align the rules and expectations to the skills, and limits of the Houseboy. In short, teacher, teach me better.

Suffice it to say, that we are all either Gay here, or accepting of a Male to Male model of interaction, and that, simply put, sex has to be, at the very least, part of the open discussion, and usually, if that one precept is not 100% agreed and affirmed, ahead of time, and BY BOTH PARTIES, then both parties should walk away,... or run, in some cases! What I really suggest also, as a warning, is to open up  about your own deisres, and avoid people with set-in-stone "ABSOLUTES," meaning, either you do this (or don't!), or we do not move ahead, and this, as with sex, is a warning to BOTH parties involved, to steer clear of any and all assumed "absolutes." Clear, concise communication, to the point of "getting it in writing" should be something more seriously considered.

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