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I am new to Houseboy (fresh meat) and I am seeking a serious mutually beneficial relationship with a man that happens to be older than me. My past work experience includes luxury retail and home furnishings, working for a global business consulting firm and volunteer EMS. I have some college experience (30 credits) in business from a local community college and an interesting fact about me is I’ve went through Army basic combat training -  I made it to the end of a training phase and began to crack mentally from the pressure of it hence me deciding not to continue with that career endeavor. I am realizing although I am great at many things - life isn’t easy to navigate, especially alone at 26 years old and sometimes you need a mentor to help guide you while being on the right path and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

I am looking for an employer that is kinda out there (wacky/fun) but also a white collar professional - caring, emotionally intelligent, nice, confident, responsible, outgoing, smart and not just intellectually - I would also like someone that is street smart as well. I’ve met some people in my day that are very book smart but lack common sense - that can be very deadly. I want to develop a rapport with someone and build off of that, whether that’s an employer relationship or a romantic one. I also would like an employer that has a high sex drive - sexually I am a bottom.


I am seeking room & board as well as a monthly stipend that can be discussed as we continue to get to know one another. I’m totally on board with taking our time to get acquainted. I want to have a great first experience with a potential employer.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities and would like a copy of my resume, please feel free to email me at inbox.3@icloud.com. 

I look forward to your responses. 




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