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I think I had enough training new recruits for submissive positions.

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I used to have a staff of 8 boys for a gay resort, that only allowed the property owner to build the place up and sell it  as a successful bed and breakfast. Prefer a handyman-type, 20-34, who is either a veteran, or experienced being a submissive houseboy. The first person who says "I want to serve naked all the time," will be ignored, it's neither practical, and the reality is more wearing shorts or jeans, and no shirt is required. There is the possibility of doing what my other boys did, which is figure model for local schools and art studios, which isn't unpleasant work once you get used to it. licensed, or experienced in massage is a must, as is the usual amount of travel, cleaning, and obedience. I am NOT into pain or ridiculous and fantastic  porn fantasies, being sensible, imaginative, and masculine, vanilla if you must be, and OUT. the position includes cleaning about three rooms a day for gay Airbnb, , picking up guests and assisting in hosting tours openly as a houseboy.

Definitely not for everyone, and that's why suggest STRONGLY have experience or a heavy desire to learn the position for long-term. Prefer a contract, leading to permanent position, and the only reason I do not still have some of my original boys is they wanted a chance to be rent boys in Europe, and were recruited by an agency, with my permission.

Looking to spend a minimum of one year training before start hospitality positions, someone who is just applying out of despair or lack of something to do, probably won't be a good fit. What is a good fit, is someone with a bit of musical talent, the ability to cook more than boiled eggs, and who enjoys the idea of a varied and interesting schedule, decent people, and keeping your tips. One requirement is, must maintain a checking account of at least $2,500, as we all need that emergency "escape" fund.

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