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I'm going to say what a lot of people probably wish they could say but can't because there's going to be someone that's far too woke to let certain people say. I apologize now to whoever I may offend.


Remember, stuff like the 2020 protests and pretty much any civil rights issues really have nothing to do with personal preference when dating or finding sex partners. Sure, most gay profiles won't respond to people of color, but that's not racism. That's preference. As much as you can't explain why you're attracted to those white boys, they can't (and aren't really obligated to) explain to you why they're not attracted to men of color... kind of like how being straight doesn't make a guy homophobic if he doesn't date guys. 


On the other hand, don't assume your race is the issue. There are tons of reasons some guys don't respond. Do you have a profile on the main site here? Do you have an easy to see picture and good profile there? Is your profile offering exactly what those boys want? 


In any case, don't focus on those that don't respond, and don't let those that don't respond be what shapes your mood when you're on here. I can assure you from emails and contacts I've made on here there are plenty, (and I mean PLENTY) of good hosts and houseboys alike that absolutely LOVE men of color. I think the last 5 people that have emailed me on here have all been houseboys that have told me they would be my houseboy if I ever wanted to have one, and 4 of them were white guys. Up your game for what you're looking for so you can find the good guys that actually like or prefer men of color, and then focus on those good guys. If you're consistently being met with guys that aren't responding the way you like, stop looking for the same kind of guy. No amount of civil rights movements can or will or even should make people change their sexual preferences and desires. Even when looking for a houseboy, be with someone that truly wants you and is crazy about you, not someone that's going to be guilted into "giving you a chance" because of your skin color. We are not a charity case; we don't need some kind of affirmative action for dating or being on fantasy sites. 

There are times and places to throw out the race card, but on a houseboy site where we can all come to experience our fantasies, this isn't the place. 

We may not get as many likes or be in the "hottest profiles" or "most popular" sections. We may not get the gift of quanitity when it comes to it, but we damn sure get the gift of quality when those few amazing guys do get noticed, something you won't notice if you're focused on those other basic boys. I mean honestly, I personally wish guys could go back to putting "no Blacks" in their profile. Again, it's preference; that's not something I can be offended by, and it would save me a LOT of time reading through profiles as I would know who to not waste time on, but that's just me.

I mean all that out of respect, not at all trying to be insensitive. I hope you find what you're looking for, and take pride in the fact that guys like us get to enjoy quality of quantity every time. 

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I agree with most of what you say except the part about changing the type of guy you look for. 

He has a type he's attracted to. He should keep trying until he finds a guy that checks all his boxes. Just as with everything in life from work, love, to business, you'll face 100s of closed doors, hear thousands of "no's", but the key to success is to keep trying. Eventually you'll get that opportunity,  you'll find that dream lover, or youll score that investment.  It only takes one time hearing yes. 


To DaddyD. 

You are holding yourself back. Purge these thoughts of racism out of your mind. I've encountered so many white men of many styles. It's very common to hear they feel exactly how you do in reverse. They're interested in black men, but can't find one that's seriously interested in them, so they stick with whats easy for them.  Many men (regardless of race) are fascinated by the black man's reputation for larger than average endowment,  and what gay man top or bottom,  wouldn't want a nice big toy to play with? Make your character equally as bold and enticing as your cock, and no one can refuse you.

In closing, if you look for hate you'll always find it. So stop looking fpr it, pretend it doesn't exist even when it's obvious.  Don't let this negativity poison your outlook, thats self-defeating. Instead, Try harder, work harder, and never give up on your dreams.

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