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jjason1, the fake employer that almost seemed real for a moment


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Jason, known as Jjason1 from Rapides Parish, LA is a complete fake. I have never posted the fake employers before since they're so fake and unbelievable, but this one was just a tad bit believable for a second, so I figured I'd save someone the time.




He will come with a story about how he is going through a divorce and is trying to hide his money from his ex, but he likes you so much and wants to build something great with you and wants to start sending you money right away. All you have to do is open an account of his choice and give him the routing and account number. Lol.

So, a few red flags:

First off, one of the very first sentences in my profile states that I am no longer a houseboy. Though I have received more than a few offers lately, none of them have come without a man acknowledging this first. This guy didn't seem to notice that part.

He says his location is in Queens, NY, but his profile shows he's in Louisiana. His phone number is from DC, and he insists on you using a bank that he opened an account with when he lived in California, even though this bank (credit union) doesn't have a single location in California.

He says his name is Jason, but the pictures used are from a poor fellow that has been used on plenty of dating site scam profiles, those of both straight and gay natured. His pictures are easily searchable. He is also known as Wayne Lovell from Poland, Dr. Jeffery Dickson, Andy Baldwin, and so on. The second picture is the easiest to get search results on. 

He insists on using Whatsapp, but I made him go with regular test. He used the number 202 936 5239 which is out of DC. 


Here is a quote of why he said he wanted my account information:

I understand what you mean honey, and I know you’re a very hard working guy , I have my reasons why I don’t use any of those apps you mentioned to make transfers , I’m currently under serious scrutiny from my ex, because of my divorce, we use a joint account so I can’t make any transactions without him finding out , I can only make transfers on my personal CU account and he has lawyers watching my every move ,he wants take half of what I own so I try to hide any financial transactions from him till my divorce is final , The only way I can transfer without him finding out is to add your account to mine then I can make the transfer, it only 24hrs at most to go through, I have no business with your personal life and It’s great that you’re comfortable with where you are , I know what that means , I have a lot of money and I feel it’s all vanity , I don’t let that define my life , I just thought that if you gonna be my house boy I should get a safe way to send you money without it affecting my divorce , I hope you understand where I am coming from

He then goes on to say:

It’s not a big deal honey , you should try relax and process the whole thing , i told you to open the CU account because it will be way easier to do transfers to you , I know you’re not willing to lose an opportunity of a lifetime because of whatever you believe . with all this stuffs you mentioned, I can only make limited transfers and I will need to send you like 20k upwards , because I want to furnish my new home , and do a little renovation on the house before I move in , and I wanted to send you the funds so you can help me handle it ,
Honey you don’t understand me , it’s not that I don’t want to use PayPal , I just can’t use it because of the issue with my divorce , I told you this is the safest way for me to send you the money without it affecting me , I didn’t mean to be offensive to you honey , what’s use will your account and routing number do for me , i really don’t understand why you keep mentioning thay
I don’t want this to cause issues with us honey , this is just a very simple thing and I’m surprised you making it seem complicated, it’s like you getting a new job and they asked to get a new account to receive your pay , that’s how this is . My bank take just 24hrs at most for a transfer to go through, I think it’s actually worth the wait . Pls just relax . I don’t want us fighting about this
You can have my banking information too if that will make you feel comfortable


And after I pointed out to him just how unbelievable his story was without telling him I knew he was fake, he asked:

Can I ask Why giving out your bank info is a very big deal ?


So yeah, this guy is a fake. In all truth, he uses a script that is similar to a few other fake profiles that showed up as houseboys with different pictures. Likely the same scammer just playing any angle he can.

No amount of promised money should make you ever give out your account information. In fact, you should never give out your banking info even if you're living with the guy. A serious "employer" here would never want a paper trail that would easily prove that he is paying you for your services which includes sex. Don't let any guy convince you that it is best to give your information so he can link your bank account.

Even if your account is otherwise empty, you don't want to give someone the information that can give him access to all of the information associated with that account. 


I hope this saves someone from wasting their time with him. I don't think anyone would be foolish enough to just give out their bank account information, but far less realistic stories have been believed on here, so yeah...


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So this guy reached out again claiming I was being unfair and that I was wrong to call him fake. He said the thing about the bank was that he just sent me the wrong link because the bank actually is in California. So, he sent this screen shot to prove I was wrong:




So, this is a different credit union. Similar name, but two totally different companies. Yeah, because it's totally normal to just forget which bank you're using to the point that you send a link and ask me to sign up to a different bank that doesn't exist in the state you originally said it was in.



That's not even what stood out to me the most. Look in the in upper left-hand corner of this picture. It shows a network called BeSafe Airtel. I have heard of Airtel before, and I knew this was his personal phone. So with a quick check, I found out where they provide coverage:



So, this guy lives in NY, posts his profile to show he lives in Louisiana, says he uses a bank he used when he lived in California except that bank doesn't exist in California, so he sends a screenshot of another bank from a phone being operated in India. Lol, seems legit.

He has taken down these stolen pictures from his profile, but no matter what profile or pictures he use, his lines will be the same; he'll eventually want your bank account information. 

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Looks like he's still online with those pictures, same screen name. Apparently fake employers aren't removed as fast as fake houseboys. 

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Yes, reported, blocked, all that good stuff. I don't so much mind the scammers because they tend to be super easy to spot, but I still always hope there aren't any good guys getting deterred from the fun they could be having with a good match. I don't even want to imagine how much less fulfilling my life would be had I not had my experiences as a houseboy. 

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Just to clear something up based on a few private messages I've received:

Yes, Airtel does some sort of business in most countries. However, any Airtel (Vodaphone) service in the United States goes through their partnered network called AT&T. Everyone in the US knows who AT&T is. Any phone that works on the AT&T network through Vodaphone will show only one network in the status bar of a phone or mobile device, and it would say AT&T.

Airtel and BeSafe Airtel show up in the status bar as the network provider only in areas where Airtel is the actual provider. This would be limited to a few places in the Philippines, Africa, and their biggest service areas throughout India.

The time noted on his phone when he sent that screen shot AND the network showing on his phone is what gives his particular location away. There simply is no other country in that time zone (UTC +5 or UTC +6) that operates the Airtel network.


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On 8/28/2022 at 2:00 AM, HitTheRoad said:

Even if he were completely legit and everything he said was true, the part were he says he's trying to evade the court system and cheat his ex is a big red flag.



Haha the guy is so fake that he doesn't even know which bank he banks with. He wasn't a red flag. He was a tornado siren just blaring away. 

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