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Confused with ads in forum

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Help me out guys. I have a profile/ ad posted explaining the Houseboy position my husband and I are looking for. Am I supposed to also post it in the forum?  I’m confused why there are ads in the forum when I thought our profiles were for that reason. Thanks in advance for shedding some light on it for me. 

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The forums here are just... extra. You don't have to post anything here. Ads here offer a more condensed profile or description to respond to, but they aren't at all required. However, most users on this site don't visit the forums, so if you only have an ad here, you won't be seen by most of the users on this site. Your main profile gives you a chance to add a lot more details, and it's better when it comes to searching for profiles that match what you're looking for. 

Your profile is going to be great for attracting the kind of person you want, and the forums are fun for quick communication about all kinds of things. Share your thoughts and opinions, sometimes about houseboy stuff, and sometimes just whatever random top someone wants to chat about. Either way, have fun using both; the right match might find you based on your profile, or he might find you based on your response to certain topics in the forums. 

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