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Loyalandcool is a total FAKE


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Ok so it’s obvious from the get go something smells fishy. The guy is listed at 4’4” tall and 100 pounds. First red flag. So I figure I’ll play a bit. He emails me. First message wants to know my name, age, job, where I am, etc. oh and yes he’s looking for love. I tell him to share a few face pics. Sends one of him in army uniform. Hit the buzzer!  (Army minimum height is 5’) Oops! Oh and of course he’s stationed in an Arab country. If that ain’t enough I ask him how tall he is and what does he say? DUH!?!? Tells me he’s 6’2” and 210! Army must feed ‘em growth harmones. Along with dumbass pills. (No offense you real warrior heroes out there) Yeah a good laugh but it’s just a shame there’s so many fakes on the website. Please, don’t fall for it.  Oh, when I called him out on it his reply is a friend filled out the profile for him because he doesn’t have much IT skill. Lol! Yeah! True!

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