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Palm Springs area Cpl need houseboy


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Married couple 9 yrs Asian 31 5’9” 
140 lbs dad retired responsible for your training and supervision on daily basis
He’s 6’ 185 see our pics below. We own our home in gated community. Live very quiet life with our 2 dogs. 
We expect you to work around the house and yard & follow dad supervision incl clothes and sex. Dad will supervise your hygiene, you will be told how to dress at home, while you are expected to be available to provide oral service as directed you will be expect to kiss get stroked, be not only our houseboy but our son 
Dad will be sucking you and will have access to your cock and balls
BTW, this stipend paying position & sex outside of the house and you are gone. 

Full/part time weekends ok


NO matter what, we would never allow you to bc homeless but if it doesn’t work out need backup plan. 

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