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Why the games?

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Not unlike many other potential employers on this site I too have my share of potential houseboys writing me and sending me their e-mail address. But in most cases I never receive a message back once I have contacted them via e-mail. here's the latest one from "Toolegit"

Good Afternoon,

Hope you're doing good today. Thank you for the wink. My name is ***** i am 21 years young. I'm looking for a houseboy, dad/son type relationship. I'm pretty much open to any race. In general he has to be respectful and willing. I always keep it 100% legit. Im goal oriented and ambitious. Im very well matured for my age. Long term will be great, but sometimes things just don't work out. My Interest include working out, shopping, traveling, swimming, and working. I read what you were looking for and i feel like i meet much of the qualifications you provided. btw, you're a very attractive man. I would enjoy hearing back from you! Have a safe weekend. my e-mail is ( ************@yahoo.com ) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!
My first attempt to contact this individual via e-mail:
Thank you for writing me ******.

As for sending you the wink, it was my pleasure as I happen
to like what I saw/see. Thank you for the compliment.
Though a persons pics are what initially catches my
attention, it takes more than that to keep my attention and

In your message you sent: In general he has to be
respectful and willing. I have much self-respect thus easy
to give respect.. Care to clarify what you meant/mean with
the word "willing"?
You also typed: I read what you were looking for and i
feel like i meet much of the qualifications you
provided. Care to share with me the qualifications you
believe you have in regard to my ad/profile as well as the
qualifications you do not have in regard to my ad/profile?
I want a matured person, prefer long term and am equally
aware things do not always work out as to why I have
presented the aforementioned questions.

I hope your weekend is going well ******. I look
forward hearing back from you.

with anticipation,

My name
Near a week passed without a return reply before I sent the following message: I believe I'm safe to presume what appeared to be an interest from you was not that of a genuine nature. Good luck in your search.

I discovered today Monday 8-12-2013 when I attempted to send a morning greet via houseboy.com, this individual thought enough about me to block me on houseboy.com

So... why the games? and why do so many guys on this site insist on wasting the potential employers time?

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I can't answer your question about why the games with so many on here. It does get old and it's a huge waste of time and effort.

This particular individual sent me a response that was almost identical, word-for-word to what you say he sent you. I did have the opportunity to exchange a couple of emails with him, but quickly discovered that I was not interested in anything further with him. He made one excuse after another, delaying any plans for him to possibly come to visit as well as a multitude of excuses why I couldn't go to where he was, to visit. For me, this is a huge tip-off of a possible fake. He even had the nerve at one point to make a statement that went something like, "Let's face it, I'm very good looking and I know it. It's easy for me to get any guy I want." Talk about conceit!

At any rate, there are guys on out there who are bent on playing games, manipulating, scamming and have no intention whatsoever of being a house boy or working or much of anything else. If they put as much effort into something legitimate, I can only imagine what they might accomplish!

Fortunately, there are a few "real" guys out there looking for a position... I've met a few in the past and I couldn't have hoped for better people. So, I'll keep sorting through, until I find someone real, and I wish everyone else luck in finding what they are looking for, as well.

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