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  1. Since my profile has a face photo posted and what I'm looking for is very clear and specific, I can only speculate this 30 year old houseboy wannabe has a vision problem and can not read. I had replied back to txboy4u after having received his initial message. The moral to this story: One never knows what disguise a wolf may be wearing. Good luck to you all From: txboy4u Recived Date: October 4, 2016 03:08 PM You have no pictures either, so therefore you're a fucking douchebag. Touche Assmunch! ---------- Original Message ---------- From: nowdoingmything To: txboy4u Sent: 01/10/2016 05:29:18 AM Subject: Re: Re: Re: hi You have no face pic posted, therefore there will be no further communication. From: txboy4u To: nowdoingmything Sent: 30/09/2016 13:38:45 PM Subject: Re: Re: hi So, what is your ideal situation? what are your qualifications and requirements? do you have any particular fetishes or fantasies? what are your sexual needs and how do you see someone fitting into your lifestyle currently? what's your living situation?
  2. There's no doubt the photos are real. But who do they really belong to? https://www.pinterest.com/goalkeeper025/sexy-beasts/
  3. Attention guys.... new houseboy user "tomhas " is using a pic taken from a porn site: themenofgayporn.com/sean-cody-matt/
  4. Not unlike many other potential employers on this site I too have my share of potential houseboys writing me and sending me their e-mail address. But in most cases I never receive a message back once I have contacted them via e-mail. here's the latest one from "Toolegit" Good Afternoon, Hope you're doing good today. Thank you for the wink. My name is ***** i am 21 years young. I'm looking for a houseboy, dad/son type relationship. I'm pretty much open to any race. In general he has to be respectful and willing. I always keep it 100% legit. Im goal oriented and ambitious. Im very well matured for my age. Long term will be great, but sometimes things just don't work out. My Interest include working out, shopping, traveling, swimming, and working. I read what you were looking for and i feel like i meet much of the qualifications you provided. btw, you're a very attractive man. I would enjoy hearing back from you! Have a safe weekend. my e-mail is ( ************@yahoo.com ) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! My first attempt to contact this individual via e-mail: Thank you for writing me ******. As for sending you the wink, it was my pleasure as I happen to like what I saw/see. Thank you for the compliment. Though a persons pics are what initially catches my attention, it takes more than that to keep my attention and interest. In your message you sent: In general he has to be respectful and willing. I have much self-respect thus easy to give respect.. Care to clarify what you meant/mean with the word "willing"? You also typed: I read what you were looking for and i feel like i meet much of the qualifications you provided. Care to share with me the qualifications you believe you have in regard to my ad/profile as well as the qualifications you do not have in regard to my ad/profile? I want a matured person, prefer long term and am equally aware things do not always work out as to why I have presented the aforementioned questions. I hope your weekend is going well ******. I look forward hearing back from you. with anticipation, My name Near a week passed without a return reply before I sent the following message: I believe I'm safe to presume what appeared to be an interest from you was not that of a genuine nature. Good luck in your search. I discovered today Monday 8-12-2013 when I attempted to send a morning greet via houseboy.com, this individual thought enough about me to block me on houseboy.com So... why the games? and why do so many guys on this site insist on wasting the potential employers time?
  5. Have had several concerned replies from potential employers concerning a topic I posted in the forum several months ago concerning a user ksur89. Take time to read it and do be cautious in regards to this individual.
  6. Have had a real time..one on one bad encounter with ksur89. Feel free to message me as I won't go into it here in the forum.
  7. Have had a real time..one on one bad encounter with ksur89. Feel free to message me as I won't go into it here in the forum.
  8. Keep in mind potential employers, with the shape of the economy there are scammers who are eager to play the game of Take Your Money. Do not wire nor send a check nor cash via mail when someone claims they wish to relocate to you but need gas money. Much safer to purchase a plane or bus ticket.
  9. Another "red flag" always sexually available 24/7 365 day.
  10. Though sorry to hear of your unfortunate plight I am glad to see these postings. I too have had a bad experience. Hopefully postings such as yours and the one I have will steer others clear of such pitfalls.
  11. As we all know, mmm...perhaps I should say most. There is a vast difference between a drug test and a drug report. Most are aware ones age, weight and social security number is documented at the time of the test.
  12. Amazing the information a drug test report, a police report and a resume consists of.
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