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  1. I know and I; as well as many who play fair and square do, but the 'players' and 'scammers'; like cockroaches, always manage to sneak in regardless. You have a great website with tremendous untold potential and I hope that eventually this will be THE site where good and well-meaning people can find the exact same. Thanks for a job well-done. 'Lest we forget... the man who made this all possible.
  2. If a houseboy respondant hasn't the common courtesy to reflect a good upbringing or what is perceived as proper social etiquette by sending a polite '...thanks but no thanks', he IS a scammer; plain and simple. Period.
  3. Please send me your e-mail addreess, I'm an employer on the east coast. Thanks
  4. If you want your house, condo or apartment cleaned, do yourself a favor and call " Merri-Maids, Service Master, Maid for a Day or other domestic service agencies listed in the yellow pages. The so-called "houseboys" have NO intention of ever cleaning anything. If their own mothers couldn't get them to clean their bedrooms, do you honestly think they're going to clean your entire home? This houseboy sub-division of the big gay scene is nothing more than a stalking horse for twinks seeking maximum compensation for live-in boy toy sex or denial of. They will outwit you and then log on to this
  5. I've been running an ad on this and other houseboy websites for years amounting to little more than a string of misadventures with con-artists, psychotics, bi-polars, criminals with outstanding warrants, full blown drug addicts, drunkards, thieves and guys who weren't even; in the least bit, gay. I think the time's come to do some 'genre cleansing' starting with this site's "houseboy wannabes" to get rid of the conceited pretentious pretty boys who have neither the upringing nor the common courtesy to favor a potential host/employer with a polite reply. These players are so full of themselv
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