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  1. I really dont know to much about Obama, but is it true he is going to overturn the desion of Yes on prob Eight, i hear he is going to pass No on Prop 8.
  2. Im in San Fransisco, and there is a porn studio near me. it's owned by Kink.com, a few blocks into the Mission District, in an old Armory the company bought.
  3. I meant to type ~Homeless Houseboi Club~ If Your A HouseBoi on the Streets. In case anyone was wondering.
  4. Whats Up, Life in San Fransisco is Great; However, the nights are cold, and bitter harsh, is anyon else suffereing at night-time, due to temperature, or lack there of,.Do you have any Sories yould like to share, any random stuff you'ld like to say, and Avice or Ticks, to help a fellow Boi- in need. and tips on how to please the Master better.
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