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  1. yea sure..... god i hate liars dude can you like .. go away! lol
  2. Ok .. you are seriously loosing your mind. a drug report now i do drugs.. how immature to make up things all of a sudden omg extremely ludicrous.. wonder whats next? *yawn*
  3. LOL why would someone request a copy of something that doesn't exist no one even made a copy of anything needless to say..but at least he says im 27 not 37 so i'm okay with that, especially from someone who is obsessed with trying to take off 10 years his age being 54 and trying to display being 44 as I explained above. LOL Don't see why the age obsession here with him, but I guess he cannot age like fine wine like some really hot daddies here no matter what age hehehe ahh well the things this guy gotta do to catch attention from his extremely boring lifeless life I guess..
  4. state trooper? ... so the police officer of yadkin county, north carolina is now a state trooper? lol you just put the icing on the cake! omg lol you are sooo ridiculous...oh wait you are 44 years old now? This is too much why not 54? you have craigslist ads that I had to helped you correct with grammar in your local area in search of someone helping you try to even relocate your small business of flea market materials describing yourself as 54 old man and looking at your pictures.. when did you even look like that with light brown hair, it's all gray now lol. So who's really fooling who
  5. thanks for the two employers and houseboy who responded to my email and took the time to read and showed support .. thank you Oh... btw nowdoingmything my my my look at the difference in editing you've done your message now compared to the quote you originally had from the original response.. go ahead and keep adding to your story, you'll get a prize i betcha;)
  6. go ahead keep going ... now im 27 ??? not 23 lol .. hmm interesting. all i gotta say is god bless
  7. having to deal with consistent harrasment by user nowdoingmything I decided to change my username. it's always challenging to confront especially being as young as my age. nowdoingmything has decided to post a very interesting topic about an experience he says we went through while he took me in. This person i have chatted with on an occassion in houseboy.com and gave him my yahoo id to discuss more on the offer he had to give. Passing several months I had a situation with irresposible roomates who were into drugs, excessive drinking and partying and seeing how nowdoingmything appeared to
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