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  1. I have been a member on house boys for years and I take offence to your statement. We are a paid member and will continue to be a paid member. We have hired 3 boys from this sight and 2 turned out to be shit but one we loved and still do. a lot of the houseboys on here are looking for sex and or sugar daddy. See my husband and I don't fuck the help maybe that's why we are different. We really are looking for guys to be part of our family. Maybe houseboys should pay to be on here. Then only the ones truly looking for a job would pay to be a member.
  2. Thank you. its guy like you that are hurt by the bad ones. but they will get whats comming to them. I hope you are happy in your job and all works out well for you.
  3. ok im not going to get into and pissing test with a addict not worth the time. But I would like to say as I did before he is a no good lazy lier. We don't have any pictures of underage boys in this house. I put guys in jail for that. plus we live in a very nice home that is not filty.You dont have the Mayor of evansville come to a filthy home. and you dont get your pic on the front page of the paper for having a beuitful home he didnt contract salmonella the only lack of cleanliness was his pig pin room it smelled so bad.Because he never cleaned it. the old man as he said had to do his clothes
  4. warning to all emplyors stay clear of this guy. Houseguyfornow BAD news.He changed his name from miamiforlife. He is a lazy no good drug user. We hired him and to remove him from our home. I talked to the guy he was with before us and he said he stoled from him and stayed stoned all the time. and then I was able to talk to the guy after me and he told me he did him the same way and had to throw him out. so lawarnce had to have is mom and dad send him a plane ticket back to FL. I talked to his mom and she said he needs help. He has been kicked off houseboys so he changed his name dont go and
  5. Warning warning warning Dont not hire these two. derk was hired at a store here where we live and was Fired for stealing. They are users and are lazy as hell and they steal. So stay clear. I only wish we could put them in jail where they belong. We hired a older guy and he does a great job. we are so glad we finily found a good one.
  6. WARNING!!!! stay clear of these two there all lies. and try to get their names right. We paid their way here and they left in the middle of the night. they meet someone on line and us the employer to pay their way there. and they are so lazy!! cant clean house and want to sleep all day. SO stay clear of them if you dont want to be fucked over. I am sending the pics i have so every one will know what they look like. let me know and i will send you their pics that i took.
  7. well this one did not work out. Read the houseboy rules if they want you to send money dont. most of the time you will get burnt. could not prove who he is. no cam no phone no nudes. couldnt even email. so read houseboy rules dont send money. I didnt because if I had I would have been scamed. He said he couldnt even go pick up the 50 is was going to send to get him to the air port to get his non refundable ticket, wanted me to send it to a friend. GUYS that is how you would get scamed!!!! everyone should have a cell phone or a cam if they dont you could get scamed.SO if sean4master wants you t
  8. has anyone had any dealings with sean4master. Just wanted to know if anyone has chated with him . please let me know im 2dads4boy and my ym is tonysleather4u we can chat there
  9. Warning this guy has changed his name to SUBMISSIVEKELVIN don't get scammed by him i reported him so please dont fall for him and get scammed
  10. he scamed us. had me send money to differents states like he was driving here bebause i would not send it all at the same time. so when he didnt show i check and he picked all the money up in one place. so much for that ideal. money gram or westren union wont let you restrict where the money is picked up and that is bull. if they had he would have had to drive to each state to get it
  11. he tried to scam me but i didnt send him money when i asked for other pics the face was not the same
  12. do you have a pic of him and where is he from i got took by a guy like that had me send money to different stats like he was comming here but when i did hear for him on the day he was to get here i checked and all the money was picked up in the same place.
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