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Any real employers left?

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That post takes the word "fake" to a whole new level.

If you're seeking real employment, you might want to try a job searching site. Here, the term "employer" is used loosely. This site is the place for people to satisfy their desires by seeking a place to play out a specific role; there are those that want to take care of a guy that does things for them (usually including sexual, but not always) and those that want to be taken care of in exchange for providing a little company and playing into the character their "employer" seeks.

Also, a little advice; don't start off your profile or posts dissing 99% of the men on this site and end it by saying you're "respectful". That kind of makes you a hypocrite, and "honesty" is not usually something people relate with hypocrisy. You may not agree with the idea of being sexual with a guy you meet on here, but I can tell you from experience that you never know which one of those connections (sexual or non sexual) could turn into something that could change your life forever.

You seem to be offended by the idea of being thought of as an escort of prostitute, but the only two pictures in your profile show you almost naked holding your underwear near your crotch to show as much as possible. Your other two pictures are nudes and sexually suggestive pictures. Your list of turn ons and fetishes is longer than your actual profile text... that's what you're showing men you're offering in order to be given room, board, salary, and travel benefits.

Try not coming off as a snooty hypocritical prostitute and you might get approached by a real man that seeks something more than the typical snooty hypocritical prostitute. It's never good when you come off as being of the exact same traits/characteristics you list in your own turn offs.



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I think yngdom4older may have overreacted. I can agree that bamaboy94's choice of wording may have been disrespectful but I think he was feeling frustrated and he vented his frustration through disrespectful words. In other words, I don't think he was maliciously being disrespectful but merely being careless about his word choices.

I think he truly wanted to be a houseboy but kept attracting those who didn't want a houseboy (just wanted sex). I think he needed education but not harsh sarcasm or labeling. 

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When a guy says he doesn't want a man that wants a prostitute and then presents himself as a prostitute (his profile of half or completely naked pictures show he's offering himself in exchange for financial gain), calling him out on it is simply called being real. Many see his pictures and see a "boy" that needs to have daddy come swoop him up and take care of him and tell him what he wants to hear very gently, but there are some of us that can kind of see bs and call it for what it is.

Why might I sound so harsh? Well, I used this site many years ago before the fakes and flakes filled up this site. It was a matter of logging in, answering emails, and making my flight a day or two later to meet someone nice. These relationships (many of which I still keep in touch with and visit from time to time) were the building blocks to the nice life I have today in my own home that I'm getting ready to open up to a deserving houseboy that reminds me of... well, me. However, I come on here to chat with old friends and see what is in the Forums and I see posts like this. Houseboys use to be men that older men could trust to have in their homes and carry out various jobs and duties. Sometimes, it involved sex, and sometimes it didn't. In my case, that only happened if the attraction was mutual, not if it was required, and if sex ever happened and there was pay, I always stopped the pay. Well, except the last guy in Texas. He simply wouldn't stop paying me. Nice guy.

Anyhow, these men looked at me like I was someone worth respecting, and that helped me always respect myself enough to work harder and learn from these men the things I needed to know to grow into my own person. I always looked forward to learning something new from these men and then applying that knowledge later on to show my host that his words and effort had not fallen on deaf ears.

So I come back now, and the "boys" seem to not be young men looking for that lucky position to be taken in by someone that can show him how to eventually do for himself, or stay if a relationship happens. Nope; they're presenting themselves as naked little twink prostitutes that then get mad that they are hit on by men looking for what are basically prostitutes. Many of the others are the ones that send very sexy pictures which make the men here stop thinking, for some reason, and send out money.

It just makes me feel bad for the few good young men still on this site, and I hope like hell that when I do start my search, I don't have to search through a see of fake guys like him. It's discouraging before I even begin my search.


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I do hear you. I myself have noticed that the younger men nowadays don't know what it means to be a houseboy. It isn't just the houseboy crowd either. It's like the entire generation is full of flakes who keep running off to something new before they've given anything a fair chance. I'm just saying that nearly all the young men these days are fools that need education. This particular fool, BamaBoy94, may need a visit from "the board of education" but he isn't any worse than what's typical for his age.

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Typical for his age... it's a shame to see that. When I was 22, I was working my ass off as a juvenile detention officer. I usually ignore guys like Bamaboy, but you have to admit that what his post is about and what his profile is about... that's not something they can teach you in school. He's a grown man, and any grown man should know that if you present yourself as an easy lay in return for financial gain, you can't be surprised when people hit you up wanting something that's not much more than a prostitute.

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